Eurosong 50

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This is the 50th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 50
Organizer Podje
Theme Gold, 50, Abraham, Sara(h)
Start date 03-12-2020
End date 19-01-2021
Entries 30
Winning Artist Germany Antiheld
Winning Song Goldener Schuss
Winning Nominee Roman10
Points 97


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Skill_Bill USA USA My morning jacket Golden 48
Aw_man Sweden Sweden First aid kit Stay gold 92
Justitian USA USA Inf & the fifty dollar band I Believe I see a light begin to shine 57
Twinny Germany Germany Wizo Das goldene stück scheiße 37
Sprunk Netherlands Netherlands Goldband dit is voor jou 59
Dustyrhymes USA USA Halsey Empty Gold 57
Supersuomi USA USA Colonel Abrahams Trapped 26
Phryexian USA USA Panic! at the disco Golden days 60
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Goldkimono Electric swing 58
Bouvage Republic of Ireland Ireland The Fureys Oro Oro 87
Palomaris England England Goldfrapp Train 33
Gomez1969 Republic of Ireland Ireland Thin Lizzy Sarah 46
Tomahawkward Oceania Australia Closure in Moscow Seeds of gold 53
Jardineiro England England Razorlight Golden touch 58
Roman10 Germany Germany Antiheld Goldener Schuss 97
Podje USA USA Black light dinner party We are golden 40
DenJos Sweden Sweden Blues Pills Lady in gold 47
Gjpee USA USA My brightest diamond Golden star 49
Boetwein Greece Greece Abraham Alexander 335 62
Groenteman USA USA Death cab for cutie Gold rush 90
Ribbie Netherlands Netherlands Gold Till death do us part 31
Kris-Smeenk England England The Chemical Brothers The golden path 69
Yoran Finland Finland Dark Sarah Golden Moth 48
Bertzuurman USA USA Josh Baldwin Abraham 69
Ajax17hooijdonk Sweden Sweden Friska Viljor Gold 24
Wurtel Mexico Mexico Bronco Oro 38
Mangalitsarnie USA USA Black Pumas Stay gold 63
Djurigrimberg Canada Canada Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan Silence 63
Lightsun Oceania Australia Sam Sparro Black and gold 59
Quoque Oceania Australia Jack River Fool's gold 32