Eurosong 51

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This is the 51st edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 51
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 23-01-2021
End date 02-03-2021
Entries 27
Winning Artist England IST IST
Winning Song You're Mine
Winning Nominee Groenteman
Points 158


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Kris-Smeenk England England The Fall Theme from Sparta FC 39
Groenteman England England IST IST You're Mine 158
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands De Splitspolitie een Zomer 61
Aw_man Canada Canada The Man who Down 77
Jardineiro Republic of Ireland Ireland Sample Answer Good Boy 80
Phyrexian England England Antimatter The third arm 67
Gjpee USA USA Foo Fighters Waiting on a war 70
Twinny Oceania Australia Felix Riebl In your arms 95
Supersuomi USA USA Hall & Oates Out of touch 30
Justitian Netherlands Netherlands Fuckfuckfuck Bad Habits 59
Wurtel Belgium Belgium Balthazar Losers 82
DenJos USA USA Dorothy Gun Indy band 55
Podje Netherlands Netherlands Fokko Karin heeft geen Corona 60
Sprunk USA USA If these trees could talk After the smoke clears 82
q9446 USA USA Dr Hook and the medicine show everybody's making it big but me 26
Bouvage Oceania Australia Clouds Chained to a dead camel 28
Palomaris USA USA Hole Violet 36
Tomahawkward Germany Germany Roman Flügel Parade D'Amour 22
Djurigrimberg Netherlands Netherlands Peter Selie Omdat ik een Ray Ban 17
Gomez1969 Oceania Australia The Avalanches Running red lights 46
Quoque Georgia Georgia Trio Mandili Narinjiano 21
DrMoose USA USA The Mavericks Dance the night away 41
Yoran USA USA Anti-Flag The disease 83
Ribbie England England Ben Howard Oats in the water 92
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Rob Dekay Geef en neem 33
Roman10 England England Sam Fender Hypersonic missiles 65
Lightsun England England The Beatles I Want you 40