Eurosong 52

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This is the 52nd edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 52
Organizer Podje
Theme Female leadsingers
Start date 05-03-2021
End date 13-04-2021
Entries 29
Winning Artist Portugal Bárbara Tinoco
Winning Song Passe-Partout
Winning Nominee Quoque
Points 104


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Groenteman England England Dry Cleaning Scratchcard Lanyard 43
Pandarve Germany Germany Conny Froboess Zwei kleiner Italiener 10
Aw_man USA USA Laura Branigan Self Control 97
DenJos Netherlands Netherlands Pieternel Ugly Beast 60
Supersuomi France France Alizee Moi Lolita 74
Bouvage USA USA Andrews Sisters Don't sit under the apple tree 29
Palomaris Scotland Scotland KT Tunstall Black horse and the cherry tree 81
Roman10 England England The big moon your light 66
GM-Fritsiy England England Vera Lynn We'll meet again 49
Mod-Mwester Germany Germany Helene Fischer Ich will immer wieder, dieses fieber spür'n 38
Ribbie USA USA Kate Wolf Green Eyes 75
Justitian Netherlands Netherlands Nana Adjoa Cardboard castle 62
DrMoose England England Chicane ft. Moya Brennan Saltwater 30
Phyrexian USA USA Jennifer Rush the power of love 61
Wurtel USA USA Charlotte Lawrence You 62
Jardineiro Belgium Belgium Selah Sue Crazy Vibes 56
Quoque Portugal Portugal Bárbara Tinco Passe-Partout 104
Gjpee England England Still Corners White Sands 101
Nightwish USA USA Life of agony Underground 17
Bertzuurman USA USA Lauren Ruth Ward Untwist in Time 43
Tomahawkward France France Louane En Chantant 70
Sprunk USA USA 8mm Give it up 60
Djurigrimberg Netherlands Netherlands Caro Emerald Coming back as a man 45
Gomez1969 USA USA Phoebe Bridgers I Know the end 93
Podje England England Yazoo Only You 29
Lightsun USA USA Against Me! True Trans soul rebel 39
Twinny USA USA Watkins family Hour Feelin' good again 61
Boetwein USA USA Machineheart do you love 89