Eurosong 53

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This is the 53th edition of the Eurosong

Eurosong 53
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 18-04-2021
End date 25-05-2021
Entries 29
Winning Artist Netherlands Mozes and the firstborn
Winning Song Sad Supermarket song
Winning Nominee Bertzuurman
Points 99


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Aw_man USA USA Cannons Bad Dreams 78
Justitian Netherlands Netherlands Combo Qazam Ions 34
Groenteman England England Corella Monday 59
Palomaris Netherlands Netherlands Sophie Straat (ft goldband) Tweede Kamer 39
Milsbeek Germany Germany Rex Gildo Fiesta Mexicana 32
Phyrexian Germany Germany Eisfabrik And nothing turns 64
DrMoose USA USA Jon Batiste I Need you 89
DenJos USA USA Marc Broussard Weight of the world 18
Jardineiro USA USA On an on Drifting 62
Tomahawkward Canada Canada Cleopatrick Good Grief 56
Yoran Germany Germany Mark Forster Wo noch niemand war 9
Gomez1969 Republic of Ireland Ireland For those I love I have a love 56
q9446 Switzerland Switzerland Yello the Race 78
Supersuomi USA USA Marvin Gaye I want you 16
Roman10 Spain Spain Dover King George 71
Gjpee Scotland Scotland Trashcan Sinatras Weightlifting 60
Twinny England England Declan J. Donovan Tangerine Skies 54
Ribbie Oceania Australia Pandamic Bus 38
Podje Netherlands Netherlands Robby Valentine No Turning Back 51
DustyRhymes USA USA Manchester Orchestra The Silence 35
Cambuur4life Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Magic System Magic in the air 52
GM-Fritsy Netherlands Netherlands Son Mieux Drive 55
Pandarve North Macedonia Macedonia Ljupka Dimitrovska Tvoja barka mala 49
Boetwein Canada Canada Mélisandre électrotrad Ti-Pétard Allard 41
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Mozes and the firstborn Sad Supermarket song 99
Mangalitsarnie Belgium Belgium School is Cool I'm not fine 61
Sprunk England England Seahorses Blinded by the sun 59
Lightsun India India Charanjit Singh Raga Lalit 13
Quoque Netherlands Netherlands Clean Pete Geheimen 78