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exitus acta probat is currently playing in VIII.430. The team finished #2 in season 7. He has played hattrick since 04/28/2007. The team name is an blend of Woerkum (a team of a friend of IceX1992) and Paramaribo (the capital of Suriname). That same team has made their stadium name Woermaribo in honor of this team. Currently we have beaten Woerkum at a youth and a senior friendly.At all times we were the weaker team,but still we have beaten them both times(2-0 in youth and 2-1 overtime in senior)


The team was founded on 28-april 2007. The teams name was Robinhood. Supprisingly the team didnt win the first 2 games. The score was 1-1 and 0-0. After that the team went on a winning streak that was stopped by Lords.

Ended #2 in season 7 Changed club name in the offseason between season 7 and 8 to FC Woermaribo. His first name was Robinhood and he was frankly mistaken for the little brother of Robin hood in Hoofdklasse.


The Maribo-dome
Total capacity 20000
Terraces: 12620
Basic seating: 5020
Seats under roof: 1840
Seats in VIP boxes: 520


Goal When to be completed
Get an u-20 midfieldplayer and train him Soon
Go to II.1 or Hoofdklasse This season


Office type Federation name
Challenger Challenge Fed

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