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The experience concept simulates that a player has managed to learn things which improve his performance aside from the main skills.

The players get their experience through playing league matches, cup matches, national team matches, and friendlies.

League matches give a slightly random amount of experience, so you may see some short-term variation in how fast a player's experience increases. This variation is random and not based on the division the game is played in.

Cup matches give about double the amount of experience compared to league games, and Hattrick Masters matches give slightly more than this amount. National Team matches give roughly triple that of league games, though this number methodically increases as the World Cup progresses through each round. National Team friendlies are roughly equal to the experience amount of a League game. International friendlies give around 1/5 experience compared to a league game and domestic friendlies give the players about half the experience an International friendly does. However, sometimes, the player's experience might not increase.

As a player becomes more experienced he will play better in games. Players of weak to solid experience receive a significant boost to ratings compared to players with low experience.

Experience is also an important factor in calculating formation experience.

Special Events

The following Special events can be caused through experience

  • Very important or dramatic matches might mean that inexperienced players lose their grip on the game. This gets worse the more they lack experience. Only the team with the lowest amount of experience will be subject to this during a match.

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