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The experience (abbreviated EXP or XP) is one of the player's characteristics. As a player becomes more experienced he will play better in games. Experience gained in a match is minute-based (as explained in this quote on global forum).

Experience is particularly important for the team captain. It is also an important factor in avoiding confusion when the team lacks formation experience.

The player's experience has a bigger impact on a penalty shoot-out only than on a regular penalty kick (or set pieces chance) in the match.


Experience simulates that a player has managed to learn things which improve his performance aside from the main skills. As with regular skills, experience has sublevels, so getting the precise value is not possible.

Players get their experience playing matches and need 28.5 experience points to gain an experience level. One point is the amount that can be gained in a league match.

Cup matches give about double the amount of experience compared to league games, and Hattrick Masters matches give slightly more than this amount. International friendlies give around 1/5 experience compared to a league game and domestic friendlies give the players about half the experience an International friendly does.

National team matches give roughly triple that of league games, though this number methodically increases as the World Cup progresses through each round. National Team friendlies are roughly equal to the experience amount of a League game.

Experience points
Match type XP points
National friendly match 0.1
International friendly match 0.2
Challenger and Consolation Cup 0.5
League match 1
Cup match 2
U20/NT friendly match 2
Qualifying match 2
Hattrick Masters match 5
U20/NT official match 10
U20/NT World Cup (semi)final 20

Formula: 1 XP level = 28.571 XP points = 28 + 4/7 XP points


The experience bonus gives increases the players' skill contributions by a flat amount. E.g. a player with passable skill and passable experience will contribute the same as an otherwise equal player with solid skill and disastrous experience.

Experience bonus
Experience Contribution
Disastrous +0
Wretched +0.40
Poor +0.64
Weak +0.80
Inadequate +0.93
Passable +1.04
Solid +1.13
Excellent +1.20
Formidable +1.27
Outstanding +1.33
Brilliant +1.39
Magnificent +1.44
WorldClass +1.49
Supernatural +1.53
Titanic +1.57
Extra-Terrestrial +1.61
Mythical +1.64
Magical +1.67
Utopian +1.71
Divine +1.73

Formula: XP influence = log (experience) * 4 / 3

Related events

The following special events can be caused through experience:

  • Experienced wingers and forwards can score using their experience.
  • Inexperienced defenders and inner midfielders can give their opponents an extra chance.
  • Very important or dramatic matches might mean that inexperienced players lose their grip on the game. This gets worse the more they lack experience. Only the team with the lowest amount of experience will be subject to this during a match.

Coach-to-be experience

   Find similar.png   Main article: Coach-to-be

Experience is Aldo important when a player is transformed to coach.

Can I see how many experience points a player has earned? One way to find an estimate is to look at a player's performance history and use the experience points gained by match type table above to calculate the amount of points since his last level up. Or, if the player has a minimum of inadequate experience and has been in your club for at least 16 weeks there is a process for coach-to-be.

External Links

  • Murzim's tool to calculate the total skill as effected by experience