Extreme formations

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Extreme formations are those formations that could not retain formation experience from match to match up until the season 42 match engine changes. As a result, confusion events with these formations were quite common. The formations are considered to be extreme because they usually abandon one part of the field.

The three most common Extreme formations are:

These three formations can still be played under the new match engine, and now will also gain formation experience. Before the match engine revision, a squad using these formations would need to have a high experience level to counteract the confusion created by using such an unusual formation.

In addition to the formations listed above, more drastic modifications were occasionally used, particularly with national teams, such as 2-6-2 and 2-7-1. However, with prohibition on using more than three central defenders, inner midfielders, or forwards implemented in season 42, it is no longer possible to play these formations.