F.C. Svarchik Tbilisi 1999

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Football Club Svarchik Tbilisi 1999
Full Name: Football Club Svarchik Tbilisi 1999
Nickname: Svarchik
Founded: 12 December 1999
Ground: Auf Svarchik Arena (Capacity: 12 000)
Owner/Manager: Irakli_khvedeliani
League:  Georgia V.86
Prize shelf: Division IV.PNG Division V.PNG Division V.PNG
Fan club: Pirates Of Tbilisi Sea

F.C. Svarchik Tbilisi 1999

F.C. Svarchik Tbilisi 1999 (Hattrick.org ID:1902950) is a Georgian Football Club in Hattrick, based in Tbilisi.Club is located in the base Temka.

Founder Is Irakli Khvedeliani (Hattrick.org ID: Irakli_Khvedeliani (10344084)) Club's home stadium is AUF SVARCHIK ARENA one of the most beautiful and famous stadiums in the world.


The team, since the establishment of plays - Georgian Cup and the Championship in the lower leagues.The biggest success for the club, 11.04.2010-extracted in the fifth division is the cup.The team, from the date of establishment, working on infrastructure development. The national youth team and for staff to detect.Club of the Academy - one of the best in Georgia. Home-grown youth team players have already captured numerous Fans of Hearts and the majority of them foreign club Online. Svarchik 22 other titles - won in a season. Our team has once again managed to win the fifth season and on 16 October 2011 our team has completed a triumphant journey with honor. 14 - All profits from svarchik all-time record. The team's all-time record. Our team of 20 consecutive wins (the series began 24.07.2011 - 23.11.2011 The series ended) Our team took the Cup on their record has improved, and draw out from the fourth stage

Logo History

http://wiki.hattrick.org/w/images/7/79/Bnb4e.png Chest #1.[20.02.2010 - 01.08.2010] Deasigned By Irakli Khvedeliani

http://wiki.hattrick.org/w/images/b/b4/Zp8lq.jpg Chest #2.[01.08.2010 - 13.03.2011 Deasigned By Irakli Bukhali

http://wiki.hattrick.org/w/images/d/d2/1549550.png Chest #3.[13.03.2011 - 13.09.2011] Rebranding Levan Kurashvili

http://wiki.hattrick.org/w/images/9/97/Svarchik.png Chest #4.[13.09.2011 - ] Deasigned By Irakli Bukhali

Period Kit Supplier Kit Sponsor
1999-2010 DariKo Fati Cola
2010-2011 Duma LariWini

Current Squad

No. Name Nationality Position * - Reserves Squad Notes
1 Leri Tskhovrebovi Sakartvelo GK
12 Renner Pipeta Brasil GK
92 Grigor Turabelidze Brasil GK
2 Konstantine Gvilava Sakartvelo DF
4 Juan Miguel Redondo Chile DF
14 Maxbert Hörstel Deutschland DF
18 Diego Rodrigo Vega Argentina DF
20 Humberto Antunez Venezuela DF
5 Kenneth Eliasen Danmark MF
6 Ola Hägerander Sverige MF
7 Sébastien Guérin Schweiz MF Captain
8 Paolo Lenoci Italia MF
9 Ratmir Shvachkin Deutschland MF
11 Adnan Atakul Türkiye MF
10 Eldar Abdushelishvili Sakartvelo FW
13 Pedro Ferra España FW
29 Giulio Avesio Italia FW
31 Yannick Salles France FW
34 Zakaria Pilauri Sakartvelo FW *
35 Phiruzi Jugheli Sakartvelo FW
41 Tomas Khachatryan Sakartvelo FW *

Club Management

Position Name Nationality
President: Irakli Khvedeliani Sakartvelo
Head Coach: Michiel Gelderlander Nederland
Fitness Coach: Shota Chkhikvadze Sakartvelo
Coach: Nika Mosidze Sakartvelo
Coach: Rasim Cabbarov Sakartvelo

Notables players

  • Italia Carlo Chemello
  • Argentina Jose Pana Espósito
  • Österreich Manfred Schmidt
  • România Gheorghe Badea
  • Rossiya Artem Shepelevich
  • Sakartvelo Jarji Kharbedia
  • England Phillip Dolman
  • Deutschland Knud-Peter Sellers
  • Polska Bartek Duszeńko
  • Sakartvelo Nikoloz Javakhadze
  • Sakartvelo Tristan Lejava
  • Česká republika Lukáš Čuda

Auf Svarchik Arena

Auf Svarchik Arena hosts a dozen years of national and international level matches. The stadium will hold a number of important match for our team's participation. Our square Carried Georgian Championship, Georgian Cup, GHA Cup (Georgian Hattrick Asotiation Cup) and international friendly matches. Times - especially in our stadium did not meet the national team matches. Leaving bewildered fans in the stadium who come to our stadium architecture and the scene created a comfortable environment


Georgian Championship Sakartvelo
Georgian Cup Sakartvelo
GHA Cup - Georgian Hattrick Asotiation Cup Sakartvelo
Double Championship

Georgian Cup Record

Played Friendly Matches


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  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.94 season 17
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.185 season 22
  • Division IV.PNG Series Champions IV.2 season 23



TOP Transfer's


TOP Saled NAT. Transfer Money
Phillip Dolman (FW) England 4 555 002 Lari
Tristan Lejava (FW) Sakartvelo 2 806 000 Lari
Nikoloz Javakhadze (FW) Sakartvelo 2 656 000 Lari
Bartek Duszeńko (FW) Polska 2 102 000 Lari
Ovagem Petrosyan (FW) Sakartvelo 1 052 000 Lari


TOP Buy NAT. Transfer Money
Konstantine Gvilava (DEF) Sakartvelo 4 000 246 Lari
Humberto Antunez (DEF) Venezuela 1 836 000 Lari
Kenneth Eliasen (MF) Danmark 1 728 000 Lari
Pedro Ferra (FW) España 1 300 000 Lari
Sébastien Guérin (MF) Schweiz 1 200 000 Lari