FC Abbington Park

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Cyclones (8104)
Managed by GM-George
Club information
LocationMissouri USA
ArenaEye of The Storm
Fan ClubThe Scattered Wanderers

FC Abbington Park, owned by GM-George started in the opening season of the USA league (season 11) under the name Cyclones. The following season the Clones became US Open Cup Champions. After five consecutive seasons in the Major League they began a process of yo-yoing between the ML and various II leagues.

To the shock (and shook) of many, Cyclones demoted back to III following a rough season in II.3 (after announcing he would be their harbingers of destruction), and now currently resides in III.4, where it was renamed to its current name in the break between seasons 29 and 30.

Most notable players to have come through the Cyclones training program were Scott Rummens (Canadian National Squad, and World Cup Finalist), Florian Agãfitei (Romanian National Squad), Charlie Gregg (US National and U-20 Squad) and Numbers Sheffield (US National Squad).