FC Atletika

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FC Atletika (709979)
managed by G-Mentor
Full name FC Piłkarzyki
Founded November 19, 2004
Abandoned July 10, 2007
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Last Update: October 28, 2008

FC Atletika (later called Illyrian), has been one of the greatest Hattrick football teams in Shqipëria. Its owner G-Mentor was coach of U-20 Shqipëria and NT Shqipëria. It was founded on November 19, 2004 and abandoned on July 10, 2007.

Prize Shelf

Division I.PNG
1 National Championship:

  • League Champions for Season 4

National Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNG
3 Shqiperian Cups:

  • Champions of the Shqiperian Cup for Season 2
  • Champions of the Shqiperian Cup for Season 5
  • Champions of the Shqiperian Cup for Season 7 (as Illyrian)

Division II.PNGDivision I.PNG
2 Series Champions:

  • Series Champions II.3 for Season 2
  • Series Champions Superliga for Season 4

Top Scorer of the II.3 (Shqiperia) Season 2
1 Top Scorer:

  • Cuno Ulrich Karmann, top scorer of the II.3 for Season 2 with 20 goals