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FC Barentin (often referred to as FCB or simply Barentin) is a French club and six-time winner of the Championnat, most recently in Global Season 28. Its owner was Eldelbor.

In Season 28, the club became the first ever team to win the Hattrick Masters HT Masters.PNG, winning 5-0 over their final opponent Skou United. In the process the team, who bought many divine-level players a few weeks before the tournament, went over 50 million euros bankrupt in the process due to wages of over 8 million euros per week. Shortly before the tournament's semifinal, Barentin used their final of 5 logins (due to the over 500,000 debt rule) to set their lineups and wish their fans goodbye in a press announcement written in French. Since the club was unable to login after their Semifinal win over Stiintza, it is believed that their 5-0 win in the final came without playing Match of the Season, a feat that shows the dominance of the club in the first Hattrick Masters.

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