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FC Holcim is a Belgian team managed by Pettachi. It was founded on 20-01-2005.

The team won the Hattrick Masters XIV!

FC Holcim became national champion in season 27.

It reached the final of the Belgium Cup in season 25.

FC Holcim currently plays in Eerste Klasse.

Prize shelf

Division VII.PNG VII.966 Division VI.PNG VI.132 Division V.PNG V.12 Division IV.PNG IV.64 Division III.PNG III.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division I.PNG Champion


Season League Cup
season 12 2nd in VIII.794 3rd round
season 13 4th in VII.966 1st round
season 14 1st in VII.966 3rd round
season 15 2nd in VI.132 2nd round
season 16 1st in VI.132 5th round
season 17 1st in V.12 6th round
season 18 1st in IV.64 8th round
season 19 4th in III.2 5th round
season 20 1st in III.2 14th round
season 21 2nd in II.2 11th round
season 22 1st in II.2 9th round
season 23 2nd in II.2 12th round
season 24 1st in II.2 12th round
season 25 1st in II.2 15th round
season 26 3rd in Eerste Klasse 12th round
season 27 1st in Eerste Klasse 12th round

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