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| Region: || [[Toscana]]
| Region: || [[Toscana]]
| Prize shelf: ||  http://www77.hattrick.org/Club/Img.axd?res=Trophy&img=P1_11.png http://wiki.hattrick.org/images/6/60/Goldenboot_VIII.gif
| Prize shelf: ||  {{divXI}} http://wiki.hattrick.org/images/6/60/Goldenboot_VIII.gif
| Coach: ||  {{flag/NED}} Eus de Boer
| Coach: ||  {{flag/NED}} Eus de Boer

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FC NGHIALE is club at Hattrick. The club was founded on 2nd of September 2008. Club is currently playing in X.485 division in Italia. The club is young but well prepared, on its first season has dominated XI.2729 winning all the matches except one (they say cause of "damn culdom"). Lance Hopmans was the top scorer with 20 goal in 11 matches. The team thinks to itself as a good one, not boasting of winning everything possible, but who knows.

Future preserves for us what we deserve (let's hope it's meat)!


Club manager is Aggo85. He started and keep training Playmaking, even though sometimes he likes to add some passing. He's a manager who loves to change the individual orders and dispositions of his player in order to be a sort a Rubik Cube for his antagonists, although the basic tactic, 3-5-2, is often used. He's quite well prepared on rules and game dynamics, for a beginner can be surely considered as a little promise (they say it's for his meaty meals).

Current Season

X.485 has started. The team has easily won the first home match against A.C. Orange Hill. The second match has been a bit more difficoult to approach, but thanks to a great tactic we have defeated F.C.Criminal away from home. The score was 3-1. On third match, Sala delle Olive wad filled, and the team has repayied its fans with a 4-0 against one among the major antagonists, STRACCIO TEAM. 3-1 was the score againt Anima e core at 4th. After 4 matches, we are in the lead with 12 points.

Club History

Global Season League Points Top Scorer Coppa Italia
38 ? in X.485 - - Not qualified
37 1st in XI.2729 40 Lance Hopmans (20) Not qualified
(36) (6th in XI.2729 - 3 weeks) - - Not qualified


(3-5-2) Coach Template:Flag/NED Eos de Boer
1. Drugă
3. Carhuamaca
2. Montironi
5. Algoedt
6. Lepore
8. Benucci
7. Brukneris
9. Berglöf
16. Tarletti
10. Pinheiro
11. Komrij