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FC NGHIALE (1931029)
HT-User: Aggo85
Country:  Italia
Region: Toscana
Series: VII.470
Prize shelf: Division XI.PNG Division X.PNG Division IX.png Division VIII.PNG Division VII.PNG
Coach: Romania Traian Melinte
Best Streak: 31 undefeated, 16 wins.
Arena: Sala delle Olive (35000)
Sponsor: Oink
Fan club: La banda der cignale (1624 on 18-07-10, "pochi ma boni")
Youth team: Cinghialini

FC NGHIALE is club at Hattrick. The club was founded on 2nd of September 2008, and it's currently playing in VII.470 division in Italia. The team has won its series and is going to play in VI. during season 42.

The name is a sort of joke: FC stands for Football Club, but playing on its pronunciation you can read effe-ci-nghiale, and "cinghiale" is the italian word for boar.

The social colours are brown and lightly browned yellow, as the boar meat and the oil in wich it is cooked.

Future preserves for us what we deserve (let's hope it's meat)!


Club manager is Aggo85. He started training Playmaking. He's a manager who loves to change the individual orders and dispositions of his player in order to be a sort a Rubik Cube for his antagonists, although the basic tactic, 3-5-2, was often used. He's quite well prepared on rules and game dynamics, for a beginner can be surely considered as a little promise (they say it's for his meaty meals). After season's 42 changes he decided to start training scoring, changing 11/11 of the team on first season in VII. Old 3-5-2 has been dismissed, it's 3-4-3/2-5-3 time!

Current Season

VII.470: season 42 is about to start. First season in VII, new ME, new training, new players. Let's hope good.


The team has mathematially won the league after defeating FerRos1889 in a monstrous struck between two of the best teams in the whole VII. series, the teams collected together 557 HatStats, the highest score for a game in VII. this season.


The team has been eliminated at 4th round against a III. team, 3-2 was the score, so big struggle even if the ranking was far distant, due to a great strategy.

Club History

Global Season League Points Top Scorer Coppa Italia
42 1st in VII.470 37 Vincenzo Tozzato (12) 4th match
41 2nd(r) in VIII.896 34 Carl Lorenz Schönwerth (10) 3rd match
40 4th in VIII.896 22 Traian Melinte (10) Not qualified
39 2nd in IX.1213 33 Godert Komrij (7) Not qualified
38 1st in X.485 42 Godert Komrij (18) Not qualified
37 1st in XI.2729 40 Lance Hopmans (20) Not qualified
(36) (6th in XI.2729 - 3 weeks) - - Not qualified


(2-5-3) Coach Romania Traian Melinte
1. Bagnoli
2. Bausola
3. Vesterin (c)
4. Ancona
6. Infulati
8. Vitolo
7. Hansen
5. Martì
10. Catullo
9. Tozzato
11. Bidinotto