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FC Rünenberg (175481)
Managed by Chief Roger
Club information
Location Basel Schweiz
Geographic areaEurope
StadiumSutter's Mill (57 000 seats)
Fan ClubThe Gold Rushers
Last update of this page was made 13.11.2016

FC Rünenberg (also known as the Gold Rushers) is a football club located in a small village in the northwestern part of Switzerland. There actually is no real football team, that's why this team came to exist.


The club was founded on September 4th, 2009. With only little knowledge about how to manage a hattrick team Sir Schluurggi kept all eighteen players and added some more to have a good range of equal players to choose from. The first season started the week after.


The ninth division was the lowest in Switzerland, when the team started to compete and there have been four human managers taking care about their clubs respectively. Not knowing anything about the influence of using ‘playing cool’ or ‘match of the season’, Sir Schluurggi used both of them whenever he thought it might be useful. The first season of the Gold Rushers ended as the best ever, if we only consider the number of points: the earned the first trophy for the prize shelf and promoted to the eighth division with fourteen victories and only eight goals conceded. Müüri United was the main competitor in this season.

Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
1 FC Rünenberg 14 0 0 60 8 52 42


It took much more time to clear that hurdle. Five complete seasons had to be played before the Gold Rushers finally advanced to the seventh division. The competition in this league and the eighth division was very strong and the fight for that single spot to promote very hard. FC Rünenberg finished each season within the top four expect the second one, when they ended up of fifth. The main competitors were FC Diäthyl and FC Drogba 09 (today this team is called RasenBallsport Basel) which both promoted the season before FC Rünenberg made that step.

Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
4 FC Rünenberg 7 1 6 32 27 5 22
5 FC Rünenberg 7 0 7 35 28 7 21
4 FC Rünenberg 7 3 4 39 22 17 24
3 FC Rünenberg 10 1 3 46 15 31 31
1 FC Rünenberg 11 2 1 49 12 37 35


The long time and the strong competition in division eight made it quite easy for the Gold Rushers to rush through the seventh division. There was no team who really was able to stop FC Rünenberg. When this season was over and the team celebrated their next trophy and the affiliated promotion to the sixth division, then the decision was made to join the most prestigious friendly tournament in hattrick: the Golden League by HTU Managers! It was also in this phase of our history when the website has been launched.

Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
1 FC Rünenberg 10 1 3 43 14 29 31


Clearing the next hurdle took the team another four seasons. The competition in the sixth division had become even harder than it already was in the eighth. The teams have been close together with a few exceptions, and therefore the Gold Rushers really had to fight to be successful and earn that what they are after. The Gold finally was taken when they succeeded with their fourth attempt on the title. Yamamoto (later Marsimoto), Supermanu, Lions Reutenen and Ros 67 have been the teams accompanied them through all these season. The promotion was then celebrated without playing the announced qualifier, since the opponent didn’t enter the pitch.

Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
5 FC Rünenberg 7 3 4 49 31 18 24
2 FC Rünenberg 9 2 3 39 20 19 29
4 FC Rünenberg 7 0 7 37 37 0 21
1 FC Rünenberg 11 0 3 43 19 24 33


Today the team is still competing in the fifth division and is trying to make the next step on the ladder upwards. While the first season on this level was disillusioning, the second was a bid surprise. The Gold Rushers won their fifth league trophy, but they used all the power they had and therefore they had not a small chance to win the qualifier. The following seasons have seen Rünenberg taking the runner-up for granted, until they were able to repeat that success again in their fourth season. But again they couldn’t win the qualifier. The next season was not as good as expected and they ended on fourth position. Then the management realized the team must be stronger regarding the defence sectors, and they started a season aiming only for 'staying in the division'. In the end the Gold Rushers finished on third only three points down.

FCR's progress (average Hatstats)
Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
5 FC Rünenberg 5 4 5 26 20 6 19
1 FC Rünenberg 8 3 3 37 19 18 27
2 FC Rünenberg 8 2 4 38 22 16 26
2 FC Rünenberg 7 5 2 28 18 10 26
1 FC Rünenberg 10 1 3 66 17 49 31
4 FC Rünenberg 7 2 5 34 24 10 23
3 FC Rünenberg 9 0 5 32 20 12 27
1 FC Rünenberg 9 4 1 34 19 15 31


The hard work to raise the defence ratings is not done by now, therefore the staff will stay focused on that issue, but nevertheless the Management has already mentioned to go for the title another time! And they finally made it! Now they get prepared to make the step towards the fourth division.

Switzerland Cup

The Switzerland Cup never was important to the management of the Gold Rushers. It was a welcome source of little money, but nothing more. This could be taken as a fact for the first eighteen seasons the team existed. Today this competition has become more important to the management, the players and of course the fans; they finally realized there is not only money, but also prestige and experience to gain. And the latest new record, reaching round seven for the very first time, makes all involved parties pride!


Of course there wasn’t only the domestic league competition during all these seasons, there have also been several tournaments the Gold Rushers joined. And it is not only the official tournaments but even more the friendly ones which have had very high attention.

The Golden League

It has to be mentioned first, not because it was the first friendly tournament FC Rünenberg was involved, but because it is the most popular one in the world of hattrick. Winning the second edition of this competition was reason enough to create the theme of FC Rünenberg we know today. The first game within the first edition of the Golden League was a defeat the fans will never forget; the Gold Rushers have then been baconized by Vj Flæsker jer, the Danish top team managed by Cuomos. The first edition was finished on tenth position. The season edition is what the supporters call the biggest success ever: The Gold Rushers managed to win that edition with a great win against Los Mejores Fútbol Club and Sir Schluurggi was very, very proud about it! The third edition was the first one including the GL Masters for the best teams. This was missed by the Gold Rushers because they had the chance to win the FCBasel forever Cup at the same time (see below). It was the only time when Rünenberg missed the GL Masters. They played the Petite Finale of edition four, where they lost against Rochdale United, and they played the quarter finals against the Pig Hunters in the fifth edition.

Gold Rushers Cup

FCBasel forever Cup

While the first ever GL Masters was played in the third edition of the Golden League Sir Schluurggi decided to go for the trophy in the FCBasel forever Cup. It was the third time FC Rünenberg was competing in this small but nevertheless very interesting Cup, and they finally managed to take that trophy back home.

HTUM Challenge Trophy

This is one of the first real tournaments the Gold Rushers joined and it is for sure the most spectacular and most attended one within the HTU Managers Federation. Many great teams joined this tournament and many of them did it several times. FC Rünenberg never had the luck to play the final, but they managed to play the semis twice, and they have been very close to the final, when they played the semifinal against Horus Falcons in edition six. The deciding goal was scored in extra-time then.

The Gold Rushers Cup

Of course there had to be a tournament organized by the Gold Rushers once, and this is the Gold Rushers Cup. Originally it was held in Haiti, but the last edition then had been located to a region that fits slightly better to the club’s theme: California! FC Rünenberg played the final twice in the two first editions and they could win the second of them against Blue Royals 04, the winner of the first edition.


Player celebrating a trophy
Golden League Trophy

FC Rünenberg has won ten titles so far, and they're still hungry for more!


19.12.2009 (15/40) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in IX.258 season 27

02.07.2011 (15/45) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in VIII.1861 season 32

22.10.2011 (15/46) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in VII.482 season 33

12.01.2013 (15/50) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in VI.281 season 37

24.08.2013 (15/52) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in V.90 season 39

26.07.2014 (15/55) FC Rünenberg finished as number 1 in V.90 season 42

Switzerland Cup

round eight in Season 45 (58)

Golden League

26.09.2012 (16/49) FC Rünenberg won the Golden League Season II

FCBasel forever Cup

24.04.2013 (14/51) FC Rünenberg won the FCB forever Cup

12.03.2014 (12/54) FC Rünenberg won the FCB forever Cup

Gold Rushers Cup

10.03.2014 (12/54) FC Rünenberg won the Gold Rushers Cup

Top Scorer

Dölf Bilon became top scorer of VIII.1861 for season 32 with 11 goals

Dölf Bilon became top scorer of VII.482 for season 33 with 9 goals

Dölf Bilon became top scorer of VI.281 for season 36 with 12 goals

Malte Wehrda became top scorer of VI.281 for season 37 with 12 goals

Bruno Aoustin became top scorer of V.90 for season 40 with 9 goals

Malte Wehrda became top scorer of V.90 for season 43 with 9 goals


Every team should have its own theme, and so it is with the Gold Rushers, but it changed a lot since the early days, when the theme was related to the color scheme of the village’s crest, which shows an oxeye daisy on blue background. The original blue and white colors have been replaced by todays color scheme later.

It’s Gold we’re after!

The overall change of the theme was started when the team became more and more successful in the Golden League and this clear commitment was published on the blog. This quote was taken from a certain pirate in a well-known movie. The first step to change the theme was made when a banner with these words have been added to the old crest of the club. The actual crest, designed by Lupachuk, was introduced short before the final of the Golden League Edition II was played. The blue and black color scheme has been chosen to have a good contrast to the golden details and the Swiss cross in the center of the crest. The Swiss cross had of course to be part of the crest, since the club is absolutely Swiss.

The Mill

Sutter’s Mill

General August Sutter is one of the famous citizens of Rünenberg, even though he never lived here. He traveled from Germany to California and became famous because one of his employees found Gold at a place called Sutter’s Mill. These facts have been reason enough to choose Sutter’s Mill the right name for the place where FC Rünenberg is rushing for gold. The seats in the Mill are colored in blue and black and the main stands are showing the three letters FCR in gold. Nearly the complete stands are under a golden but transparent roof.

The Gold Rushers

The most loyal supporters are organized within the club’s own fan-club called the Gold Rushers, what is also used as the nickname of the team itself. The name is also very close related to the already mentioned theme, since finding gold at Sutter’s Mill in the mid 1800’s started the world largest rush for gold ever, the Californian Gold Rush. The used slogan made the fans and the players rushing for gold and this is not only a phrase it is what they feel with every single beat of their heart.

The Kits

The home and the away kit have of course to suit to the theme, therefore they had to be designed using the same colors and in a way that reflects the meaning of the team’s slogan. Paquebot made an excellent job in creating the actual kits. The home kit has a blue jersey with a wide black stripe in the center, while the away kit is white with a blue and black stripe in the center. Both kits use the same black shorts and the same blue socks. And here again, the Swiss cross on the left shoulder was a must to express the real Swiss team. These kits are in use since the new scheme was launched and they probably will until the very end of the team.



Sir Schluurggi had always in mind to have a squad with only Swiss players in it, but when the club was founded he brought some foreign players in to have a squad wide enough. It took eight seasons before the squad was completely Swiss again. The reason therefore is simple: the management does only make small changes to the squad during each season break. The aim is to keep the overall strength but also try to keep the average age of the team. This is now the actual squad of the Gold Rushers:

FC Rünenberg Season 58
No Name specs 1st game rating
1 Serge Noftziger Switzerland - 07.03.2012 8.0
18 Niklas Pieschermann Switzerland - 13.11.2014 8.0
2 Remo Ringenburg Switzerland P 29.01.2014 7.0
3 Vincent Raison Switzerland H 07.01.2015 6.5
4 Jean-Jacques “J.J.” Läuchli Switzerland U 13.08.2013 7.5
5 Silvain Hardegger Switzerland Q 14.02.2015 7.5
15 Janosch Eppelsheimer Switzerland U 16.01.2013 8.0
19 Ilario Zainzinger Switzerland T 05.11.2013 7.5
21 Alex Reigle Switzerland H 13.05.2015 2.5
6 Dietrich Keel Switzerland Q 31.07.2013 7.5
7 Nik Zenger Switzerland - 26.10.2011 9.0
9 Niccolò “Nico” Bradaschia Switzerland P 23.01.2013 10.0
10 Eugenio “Lightning” Vuolo Switzerland Q 06.08.2014 8.5
11 Alessandro Gremminger Switzerland U 15.05.2013 7.0
14 Roland Jolidon Switzerland T 20.08.2014 6.5
17 Klemens Heimgartner Switzerland H 23.04.2014 8.0
20 Ludovic Felgenhauer Switzerland U 04.12.2013 8.0
23 Klemens Augsburger Switzerland U 18.06.2014 8.5
24 Gustav Nessler Switzerland T 30.07.2014 6.5
8 Didier "Popeye" Spinatsch Switzerland H 26.05.2015
16 Malte Wehrda Switzerland H 30.03.2011 9.5
22 Dave Ruby Switzerland T 10.04.2013 10.0
29 Cornelius Dahmer Switzerland U 12.09.2012 9.5

Hall of Fame

This is about the most famous characters, which already ended their career. It is including some original members of the team when it was founded and some former coaches, worth to join this exclusive group of very important persons. We tell you a bit about who they are and what the reason was to remember them forever.


Julián Solórzano Peru

was the first and only coach of the team who was hired from elsewhere. He took over the job in the second season and was in charge for three seasons. Julián did a great job and helped the team in a time when only little was known about how everything is working. He had no easy time while FC Rünenberg was playing in one of the toughest leagues in the Swiss eighth division. After he ended his career he headed back home to Peru, where he’s now living on his coffee plantation. Since then all following coaches have been former players of FC Rünenberg.


Andrin Starck Switzerland

was in the team from the very beginning and played 73 matches for Rünenberg. He’s role was an old school central defender and therefore he never scored an official goal but five in friendly games. Since he’s only kicking the ball in his spare time, he took over the former club restaurant before he established the Golden Cup Bar & Restaurant as a part of Sutter’s Mill. He’s still the owner of this outstanding gourmet temple. He’s a very friendly and peaceful host and everybody esteeming him. The Golden Cup would not be the same without Andrin!


Micha Loderer Switzerland

is another founding member of the team and played 89 games in which he scored 45 goals for the Gold Rushers. He played as a winger together with Dölf Bilon back then. After he ended his professional football career he went back to the family business, where he worked as a constructor and the right hand of his father. The biggest project he was involved was the building of Sutter’s Mill and the surrounding area including RJs Campus. Recently he campaigned for the Golden League council and he is now part of this board. But anyway he’s already involved in the planning of a further expand of the Mill in medium term.


Georg Casabella Switzerland

is probably the most known person of our Hall of Fame, since he’s working as a sports journalist and was involved in the investigations around the ‘biggest scandal ever’. When Rünenberg started to exist he was the base of the team’s success, because he was the best player and captain of the team back then. He played and filled the role of the central midfielder and key player in 107 matches and he helped his mates with scoring 22 goals during his career. He declined to be nominated for the GL council recently and went to Finland where he’s now living with his lovely girlfriend, but he’s still working as a freelancer and who knows sometimes we’ll read something penned by him again.


Rodrigue Huguet Switzerland

took the job of the clubs secretary after he ended his career in which he played 123 games as a forward and scored 54 goals for Rünenberg. He also was part of the first squad when the team was founded. As the secretary of the club he’s the right hand of Mr. Schluurggi and also his deputy if he’s not available. As he’s got a flair for numbers and stats and the board of the Golden League needed some help during the second season, he didn’t hesitate to give them a hand and since then he’s in charge to keep the tables and stats updated.


Loïc Genhart Switzerland

came to the Gold Rushers as a central midfielder and played 26 games before he became the coach after Simon Heitmann retired (Simon should be a part of the Hall of Fame too, because he brought the team from the eighth to the sixth division, but he declined). Even though Loïc was not able to reach promotion with the team when he was on duty, he set the base for later successes. But there is one important success he was responsible for: he led the Gold Rushers through the second season to win the title of the prestigious Golden League! Today he’s responsible for the technical equipment to give the coaches and the players the best possible support making progress during the training lessons.


Dölf Bilon Switzerland

is not only part of FC Rünenberg’s Hall of Fame but also a member of the Class 51, the Hall of Fame of Hattrick United Press! There is nothing more to say about him because everything is said in this article. Now that he stopped playing football he’s in charge to keep the fields a bit more fairly as he’s now acting as a referee. With 200 appearances and 120 scored goals he’ll be a legend forever! Finally we would like to thank all these guys for what they did and do for the team, the club, the Golden League or someone else. It is not only a pleasure but also an honor that they crossed our path and we got to know them.


Dario Pfyl Switzerland

joined our team at the end of season 47, and played twenty-five games as a midfielder, in which he scored seven goals for the Gold Rushers. He then became the coach of the first team and is the most successful ever! The team won three trophies while he was on duty, twice the domestic league and once the FCB forever Cup. This has been the reason he became the first coach whose contract lasted four seasons. And he made a great job in this season again, no matter there was no trophy in the end. Now he’s retiring and taking the job as PR-Manager in the management. We are very thankful and happy he stays in Rünenberg and we’re sure he’ll fill his new job with the same enthusiasm as we know he does before.


Arnold Meneske Switzerland

started in the academy and played slightly more than two seasons for RJs before he was promoted to the first squad. Then he was part of it for almost fifteen seasons! He played 227 matches and 65 ended with a clean sheet. He was wearing the Captain’s wristband in more than a hundred games and was voted Man of the Match five times. All these numbers and his prestige convinced the management to give him the job as first Player Union Representative in the history of the club. He’ll be responsible to coordinate the player’s needs with the possibilities the club has.


It was out of question to run a youth academy from the very beginning, since the club had always the aim to find and train talented prospects for our or other teams in the world of Hattrick.org.

The time before

Only two days after the team was founded, the youth academy was started as well. FC Rünenberg Juniors (also known as RJs) started to compete in the Swiss CocaCola League and stayed there for ten seasons. After two seasons they have celebrated the first trophy in their history and it should not be the last in that league. Five trophies have been collected during these ten seasons and then Sir Schluurggi decided to join the HTUM Youth Leagues. But first the activities had to get synchronized, meaning the talents had to join another small league to be ready to join the third league of the series.

HTUM Youth Leagues

The boys, led by Coach Hannes Bratschi, had a very good start and won the first season of the third league and therefore promoted to the second league immediately. Then the competition seemed to be closer and harder and it took five complete seasons before RJs made the next step upwards. They promoted to the top league, HTUM U18 Championship, and they have been ready! They fought for the title in the first attempt and ended on runner-up position, and they fought for the title in the second attempt and ended as the Champion of the Champions!


Now the third season has just started and fighting for the title again is of course what they are aiming for.


24.07.2010 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in CocaCola League

06.11.2010 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in CocaCola League

17.09.2011 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in CocaCola League

31.12.2011 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in CocaCola League

28.07.2012 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in CocaCola League

07.09.2012 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in Byle szybko

14.12.2012 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in HTUM Youth League III

23.05.2014 FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in HTUM Youth League II

10.11.2014 (15/56) FC Rünenberg Juniors won the HTUM Youth Cup III

05.12.2014 (2/57) FC Rünenberg Juniors finished as number 1 in HTUM U18 Championship


There are many faces behind the success or failures of the Gold Rushers. Here you can find all the responsible characters which are in charge to help our team off the pitch. Some of them are part of the club since it was founded, others joined later, but all of them shall be introduced here.

Name Function arrival
DS Doris Schatzmann Switzerland Financial Director 04.09.2009
CV Claudio Valt Switzerland Sports Psychologist 14.04.2014
DP Dario Pfyl Switzerland Marketing Director 21.12.2013
BS Beda Schaetzle Switzerland Spokesperson 14.04.2014
RK Romain Krecker Switzerland Head Coach 21.12.2013
MS Melchior Siedhoff Switzerland Assistant Coach 14.04.2014
AE Alex Even Switzerland Form Coach 14.04.2014
HB Hannes Bratschi Switzerland RJs Coach 06.09.2009
GK Gaudenz Kloppenstein Switzerland Medic 14.04.2014
GZ Gabriel Ziegler Switzerland Head Scout 06.09.2009
RH Rodrigue Huguet Switzerland Secretary 17.02.2012
LG Loïc Genhart Switzerland Head Technical Equipement 26.09.2012
AM Arnold Meneske Switzerland Player Union Representative 10.11.2014
RS Sir Roger Schluurggi Switzerland Teammanager 02.09.2009

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