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FC Rebbieha Gdańsk (1304984)
managed by Carloz
Full Name FC Rebbieha Gdańsk
Nickname Rebbieha
Founded June 14, 2005
Location Gdańsk, Polska
Arena Rebbieha Park

36000 seats

Coach Yohann Parisse
League VI.590
updated on: 20-10-2008

FC Rebbieha Gdańsk (1304984) is a Polish team managed by Carloz.

History of FC Winnerz Gdańsk (14.06.2005-12.03.2007)

FC Winnerz Gdańsk appeared in a football map of Poland by the middle of June, 2005. It was finally approved by HFA after a proccess that lasted for about two months. FC Winnerz was assigned to VIII.510 - the season has already started, and the team had 0 points in 3 matches. However, being helped by more experienced users, Carloz and his team managed to achieve 4th place in that season (14).
In next season it was obvious, that FC Winnerz would try to promote to VII. And it happened! Having no good opponents in the league the team ended up first, promoting to VII.838. That league was surprisingly weak. Although in first season there FC Winnerz did not qualify to the VI league, it happened in next, 17th season.
That league, VI.536 was really tough and the betting agencies were merciless for FC Winnerz. Less stars, less TSI, less hatstats, less stadium. Less everything. One point would be a miracle. That is what the team was thinking, and probably the rest of the teams in the league - obviously FC Winnerz was underestimated. After just fantastic first 7 matches the team was second in the league. Later no one did underestimate FC Winnerz, what caused "only" sixth place and 19 points. Relegation did not happen!
Famous saying goes... "second season in the league is always tougher". And it was like that. It was probably the worst season in the club's history. Only 6 points and last place. Relegation, on 11.03.2007, was a fact.

History of FC Rebbieha Gdańsk (12.03.2007 - now)

Prize Shelf

Current squad

1 Loren Horna Template:Flag/ESP
12 Artur Zielnik Template:Flag/POL
2 Joan Arasa de Miguel Template:Flag/MEX
3 Mansoor Abed-Sulayman Template:Flag/ISR/Template:Flag/YEM
4 Aurel Dal Molin Template:Flag/SUI
13 Oscar Madaffari Template:Flag/ITA
14 Jan Ryński Template:Flag/POL
23 Jani Svensberg Template:Flag/FIN
7 Auke van Oort Template:Flag/NED
8 Abdullah El Karni Template:Flag/FRA/Template:Flag/TUN
9 Vicenç Gómez Template:Flag/ESP
Horst Eder Template:Flag/AUT
Yohann Parisse Template:Flag/FRA
. . .
5 Johan Cahuzac Template:Flag/FRA
6 Antonio Eisenmenger Template:Flag/SUI
20 Mario Arcangeli Template:Flag/SUI/Template:Flag/ITA
10 Ove Petersen Template:Flag/DEN
11 Alexander MacEoin Template:Flag/SCO

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