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== Records ==
== Records ==
=== [[team]] Records ===
=== Team Records ===
* Points: 42 ([[season]] 39)
* Points: 42 ([[season]] 39)
* Home Wins: 7 ([[season]] 39)
* Home Wins: 7 ([[season]] 39)

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Football http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cf/Football_pictogram.svg/25px-Football_pictogram.svg.png
City: Besana Brianza
Country: http://wiki.hattrick.org/images/8/88/Italy.gif Italy
League: V
Founded: 04-04-2007
Manager: Ferlons
Coach: http://wiki.hattrick.org/images/2/2d/Flag_espania_spain.gif Luis Zamanillo
Stadium: TeXaS ArenA (42.000 posti)
Division VI.PNG Division VII.PNG Division VII.PNG Division VIII.PNG Division X.PNG
Championship: 5
Promotions: 6
Italy Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0

Fc TeXaS was founded on 4 April 2007 by his manager Ferlons, originally he decided to call the team "I TeXanI", but this name was changed after the end of the first season into the actual Fc TeXaS.
Fc TeXaS has been in Hattrick since 32nd season, a total of eight season, including current one; since his first season in X division, the team won five championships and reached six promotions and actually plays in V division.


The Beginning

Fc TeXaS was founded on 4 april 2007, the day of the 23RD birthday of his manager, Ferlons, right after the start of season 32; the season started well, but the manager began to think that he was winning because his opponents were not so good and he wanted to improve his knowledge of the game.

New Awareness

Ferlons found Ht-Ita, a site dedicated to Hattrick, he soon started to learn lot of things and became better and better at this game, but it was too late and he finished season 32 in third position.
season 33 started the worst way, a defeat at home against another team wich was trying to win the league, but Fc TeXaS won every other match with a major contribution of his two forwards, Cuccu (top scorer of the league) and Bordoni; last one was a sink or swim match: both team got 36 points, only one team would have been promoted, Fc TeXaS had the opportunity to get his revenge for that first match and won 5-0.
Even season 34 didn't started well: the manager forgot the match and the team didn't play losing 0-5, however he managed to win a lot of matches and ended the season in second position (thanks to goal differential) with the same points of the winner of the league, still reaching promotion.
The team wasn't ready for a good season in VIII division, in fact he ended season 35 with a fifth position, but the manager was getting ready for next season; Fc TeXaS easily won his league during 36 season reaching his fourth promotion in four season.
Everyone was expecting a season of transition, mostly because other teams of the league were better than Fc TeXaS, but with good tactics, a little luck and some important matches lost by his rivals, he won the league and his best forward, Ludger-Maria Knehr got the title of top scorer of the league with 17 goals.

Hard Choice

After last promotion every one was so happy but the manager started to think that the team was totally unprepared for a VI division and he got no money to change this situation, so he decided to sell all players, in order to return to the VII, and dedicated himself to skill trading, making a lot of money during that season. The team, obviously, finished in eighth position and recede to VII division, but in the off-season the manager bought new players with the objective of winning the VI division.

New Start

Fc TeXaS won every match in VII.888 league, beating most of team records, but didn't go well in italy cup, being eliminated at first round. The manager thought that it would have been hard to play in VI division, but after a troublesome start (leaving italy cup and losing the 2nd match in the league) Fc TeXaS won every other match, scoring 72 goals and winning the championship, so the team has been promoted without playoffs and now is ready to play in V divison.


Fc TeXaS Chronicle
  • season 32: 3° in X.227; Foundation of TeXanI
  • season 33: 1° in X.227; Changed name in Fc TeXaS
  • season 34: 2° in IX.1502
  • season 35: 5° in VIII.84
  • season 36: 1° in VIII.84
  • season 37: 1° in VII.616
  • season 38: 8° in VI.333
  • season 39: 1° in VII.888
  • season 40: 1° in VI.955

Badge and Colours

Home Jersey
Away Jersey

Fc TeXaS takes his colours from Texas flag: Blue, Red and White.
Since the beginning of his history home jersey's main color was blue and away jersey's main color was white.
During 40th season, home jersey will be white with blue stripes, shorts and socks will be blue; away jersey will be red with white stripes and socks and shorts will be white.
His badge is circular with two small white and red circles outside, one bigger blue circle inside and a white and blue longhorn in the center surrounded by a red background.


TeXaS ArenA

TeXaS ArenA has been the stadium of Fc TeXaS since the beginning of his history, it has been restructured many times and actually can host 42.000 people.
Colours of the stands are the same of the team: Red, White and Blue.


  • Terrace places: 24.937
  • Regular seats: 9.984
  • Seats under roof: 6.099
  • Seats in VIP lounge: 980


1 Template:Flag/GRE GK Kiriakos Mikes
2 Template:Flag/DEN DF Thorleif Løvgren
3 Template:Flag/MAS DF Azrul Amri Bin Omar
4 Template:Flag/CHI DF Javier Rivas Prieto
5 Template:Flag/MEX MF Horacio Ballester (C)
6 Template:Flag/ROU MF Florea-Adrian Bratu
7 Template:Flag/UAE MF Ibrahim Al-Falasi
8 Template:Flag/ITA MF Massimiliano Arturo
9 Template:Flag/ITA FW Matteo Ardistio
10 Template:Flag/SCO FW George Camden
11 Template:Flag/FIN MF Petri Urpanen
12 Template:Flag/ESP GK Luìs Zàmanillo
13 Template:Flag/ESP DF Francisco Sebastiàn
14 Template:Flag/SWE MF Mats Rodstal
15 Template:Flag/DEN FW Niels Christian Meier
16 Template:Flag/DEN FW Toke Stokholm


Team Records

Player Records


Season Goals:

Total Goals:



Ferlons was born on 04-04-1984 and actually is a student, he subscribed to Hattrick for the first time in 2005 invited by some friends, but he didn't know anything of the game so he lost a lot of games and got problems with game's economy, so he gave up after just one season.
In 2007 he decided to try again and, before starting, he seeked his friends' advice in order to improve his knowledge of this game, but he really became fully aware of this game after the discovering of Ht-Ita, an italian site dedicated to Hattrick; thanks to the informations he found he understood all his past mistakes and now he is still learning, always trying to improve.