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* {{divVI}} Season 28, [[VI.88 (USA)|VI.88]] Champions
[[Image:P1_brown-new.gif]] Season 28, [[VI.88 (USA)|VI.88]] Champions
* {{divV}} Season 34, [[V.228 (USA)|V.228]] Champions
[[Image:P1_orange-new.gif]] Season 34, [[V.228 (USA)|V.228]] Champions
==Culture and Lore==
==Culture and Lore==

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FC Tiki Tacoz (222583)
FC Tiki Tacoz logo.JPG
Managed by Tickenest

LocationWashington, D.C. USA
Fan ClubRammo's Army

FC Tiki Tacoz is an American football club, based at TacozTown in Washington, D.C. The club currently competes in USA's IV.8 series.


FC Tiki Tacoz was established on May 7, 2005, just in time to draw its first match, 1-1, in the final week of Season 25. The offseason and lack of Cup play in the following season gave the club the chance to establish a midfield training program, and before long the club was on the road to success.


Division VI

The Tacoz were placed in VI.88 to start, and tasted surprising success for a brand new club, finishing third in Season 26. The next season saw the club progress further, as the Tacoz finished a strong second with 37 points, falling only to rivals Costa SM but portending good things for the future. With Costa SM promoting in Season 27, there was little to stand in the club's way the following season, and the team cruised to a perfect record with a whopping +77 goal differential. The club's reward would be automatic promotion to V.228.

Division V

The Tacoz continued their success upon arrival in Division V, winning their first match 5-1 and posting a surprising third-place finish in Season 28. Subsequent seasons would see the Tacoz struggle somewhat, as V.228 has been one of the USA's strongest Division V series over the past several seasons. Over the next few seasons, the Tacoz would finish 5th, 4th, 4th, and 5th, at the same time cultivating strong rivalries with clubs such as derby rivals Mosby's Rangers, Hoboken Hitmen, Greedy Orphans Fighting and Biting, Twin Rivers, Mad Hools, and Lokomotiv United, aided mostly by the fact that few new teams promoted from Division VI were able to avoid an immediate drop (Mad Hools and Lokomotiv United being notable exceptions), while the fierce competition within the division ensured that no team dominated a single season enough to win autopromotion. Consequently, V.228 has seen considerable stability over the last several seasons, with only Greedy Orphans escaping to Division IV.

Season 34

Season 34 started poorly for the Tacoz, as injuries and an unfortunate loss to Twin Rivers had the club questioning its future in V.228. An unprecendented run of success soon followed, however, including the club's first ever victories over Mosby's Rangers, culminating in the club's first Division V medal. In the club's qualification match, the Tacoz traveled to the home of Sandecja NS and left with a 2-0 victory, achieving promotion to IV.8.

Division IV

The Tacoz landed in IV.8 for Season 35, and the club has experienced considerable success thus far.

Season 35

After nearly climbing atop the D.IV rankings thanks to a 10-0 opening week victory, the club had a solid first half of the season and put itself in contention for the series title. A stretch of poor results in the second half of the season, however, left the club in 5th place, and despite being one of the highest-ranked 5th-place clubs in Division IV, the Tacoz had a difficult qualifier against Ryno's Reds. The visitors went up a goal in the first half on a counterattack, but the home side leveled in the second half and won it with another goal in extra time to ensure another season of Division IV football at TacozTown.

Season 36

In the league, the Tacoz endured an up and down season but ultimately finished in 5th place and cruised to an easy 5-0 victory in their qualifier, ensuring another season of Division IV football at TacozTown.

Season 37

Season 37 was a bizarre experience for the Tacoz, as the club started slow, losing matches it expected to win, only to defeat the top two clubs in the series in successive weeks! The club eventually overcame a late-season slump that threatened autorelegation and won a six-pointer on the last week of the season to finish fifth before cruising to an easy qualifier victory, ensuring another season of D.IV football at TacozTown.

Cup Performance

The Tacoz have had a decent Cup record for a club of its stature, losing only one away Cup match in its history. The club has reached the fourth round three times and the fifth round for the first time in Season 35. The club's greatest Cup triumphs, however, came in Season 28, when the club scored an extra-time upset of then-Division V club Roaches, and in Season 36. Overall, the club has a 24-10 record in the Cup.

Season 36

In Season 36, the Tacoz had their best Cup run ever, winning six matches, including two home matches, before finally succumbing to Division II thaumaturgists, coincidentally the same club that eliminated them the previous season.

Season 37

In Season 37, the Tacoz had a disappointing Cup run, as their first three matches were easy away victories but the club underestimated its trip to TROGDOR the BURNINATOR, losing 4-3.


The Tacoz believe that in Hattrick, midfield is king, and the club has always prided itself on its ball-control game. The club has ridden its powerful midfield to considerable success, culminating in the success of Season 34, a season that saw the Tacoz put together one of Division V's best midfields. Recent seasons have seen more emphasis put on attack. With the club's promotion to Division IV, the club continues to remain competitive but is finding that strategic adjustments might have to be made to remain competitive.


  • Division VI.PNG Season 28, VI.88 Champions
  • Division V.PNG Season 34, V.228 Champions

Culture and Lore

Press Announcements

The Tacoz have a long history of regular Press Announcements, as the club puts out a new release following every competitive match as well as on select other occasions. The club also produces an occasional series, Great Moments in Tacoz History (GMITH), commemorating important achievements and milestones in the history of the Tacoz. Since April 2006, every press announcement has contained a quotation from Estonian midfielder Vootele Rammo.

Vootele Rammo

Main Article: Vootele Rammo

Vootele Rammo is one of FC Tiki Tacoz's best players as well as the club's resident quotation machine. Acquired at the age of 18 from Canadian club 0-0-10, Rammo soon worked his way into the Tacoz's starting lineup and has served as the backbone behind the Tacoz's powerful midfield. He is best known, though, for his regular comments in the Tacoz's press announcements and has attracted a large following both inside and outside the club.

Rammo Cup

In honor of their star midfielder, the Tacoz have inaugurated the Rammo Cup for Season 36.

Flag Chasing

The Tacoz have amassed a considerable flag collection, including over fifty away flags, headed by flags from Andorra, Georgia, Guatemala, and Liechtenstein, and 21 home flags. The club currently features players from 13 different nations, has sent youth players to 13 different nations, and is supported by Hattrick players from 4 different nations.

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