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FC Vitória de Setúbal (713723)
Vitoria de setubal logo.png
managed by harrymou

Short name Vitoria Setubal
Founded May 19, 2010
Region Ghawdex
Country  Malta
Arena Estádio do Bonfim
Capacity 20,000 seats
Fan club VIII Exército
Coach Willian Erwich (64842740)
League IV.44 (88831)

Updated: August 16, 2010


Vitoria Setubal is a Hattrick football team from Malta. It was founded on the 20th of May 2010.

The Owner

The club is owned by harrymou, the same person who managed the now-defunct Maroons-qs. He is formerly known in ht-circles with the user alias "qsjfc-nh". In real life, he supports top Italian outfit FC Internazionale[1] and remains a very keen admirer of José Mourinho[2], even though the latter is no longer Inter's head coach.

Harrymou wanted his team to identify itself with the Portuguese Liga outfit Vitoria Setubal[3] in honour of The Special One's town of origin. His father, Felix[4], also used to play professionally for this club as a goalkeeper. The club name, coat of Arms, Stadium name, Gear colours and Fan club all bear resemblance to the original ones used by the Portuguese team.

The Arena

Estádio do Bonfim can currently accommodate 20,000 fans. The most recent upgrading works were completed on the 16th August, 2010.

Upgrade History

01 Aug 2010 - from 12,000 to 20,000 (completed 16 Aug 2010).

Real Life Estadio do Bonfim

The real-life Estádio do Bonfim[5] is currently in derelict state due to lack of maintenance funds. Harrymou is concerned about these developments and while he has no control over the real physical facility, he vowed to put HT's Estádio do Bonfim into the European map as one of the continent's top facilities.


Season 20 (global: season 43) !!!ON-GOING!!!

To date, Vitoria Setubal are still on the positive streak initiated during season 19. The team is undefeated for 16 competitive games and has 13 consecutive wins.

Season 19 (global: season 42)

After a year of absence from HT harrymou set low expectations from the team for the first season, thinking that it would be no more than a refresher course. The only other human team in the series, Victoria First, was well ahead in training when compared to the novice Setubal. However, the team managed to start winning straight out of the box. Although its owner was no longer logging into the game, Victoria First was still a rather fearsome squad by series V standards and when Setubal won away against them, hopes for a victorious season started being uttered at the VIII Exercito headquarters. Eventually, Setubal finished their rookie season in first place, earning direct promotion to series IV. Club owner harrymou finished his season winning all 10 official games he played in, while Censu Agius, the one of the clubís centre-forwards, finished the season as the seriesí joint top scorer.

Prize Shelf

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League History
  • 31/07/2010 finished 1st in Malta Series V.3 season 19. Directly promoted to series IV.

Cup History
  • 12/08/2010 Malta - Season 20 - 2nd Round (still in cup)

Favourite Players

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Favourite Teams

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