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CAtegories:Albanian Hattrick Clubs

Albanian Hattrick football team, which is the best for the region Fier. Entered the game as Tirana VK on 18/02/2005 while Albania was on its second season in Hattrick.

Initially part of III.4 league in Albania. After a difficult first season the club managed to get a second place after the first placed Elbasani. After the first season the team got its present name FK Apolonia, named after the real life football team of Fier, the region the club belongs to. The second season the team improved a lot but still got the second place in the league after a rather unfortunate loss against first placed Torkka FC (later renamed to Mabetex).

The current season (season number 4) the team is placed in the first place in the league and has kinda booked a place in the second league for next season. In the cup the team has not performed extremely well even though it has achieved some great wins against Superliga clubs such as Dardanija in season 3. The match was won 4-3 in the extra times with a golden goal. It is considered the most dramatic match ever for the club especially because of the fact that it managed to return after the initial 0-2 of the firat half. Later was thrown out of the cup by that season National Champions and cup winners Jakova FC by loosing 2-5. Another great win by the club is considered the win for season 4 ALbanian Cup against Superliga club and first winner of the Albanian Cup KF Liria Prizren 5-3. Later thrown out from FC Atletika, coached by Albanian National team manager.

The Club has decided to train Scoring based on the managers idea that a match without goals is boring to death. The club specialized in playing 3-4-3 formation and has achieved some fine attack ratings throughout its history which are between the highest in Albania.

In the future the clubs aims to reach Superliga and will try to get the prestigious Albanian CUP.