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The fans are fickle; one week you're a king and a hero, next week they're furious with you! The heart of your supporters club is made up of a hard-core of devoted fans. They won't abandon their team just for a few minor setbacks, but the size of the supporter club changes in relation to club fortunes and misfortunes. A die-hard fan club is built up over many seasons, so the top teams who have been in the highest division for several seasons generally have the largest supporters clubs.

Every new team starts with 100 fans. The number of fans in your supporter club changes on the daily update immediately after your home country's matchday (competition, cup, or friendly). The number of new fans depends on supporter mood and fan club size with respect to division level. Each division has a soft cap on the maximum size of a team's supporter club. The closer you are to the soft cap, the harder it is to attract new fans.

Special Circumstances

Losing a cup game will result in an appropriate hit to your supporter club, so don't get frazzled when this happens.

When a club promotes to a higher division, excited fans flock to the fan club, resulting in a 10% increase in size. Similarly, when a club demotes to a lower division, disgruntled fans leave resulting in a 10% decrease in fan club size.

Changing your region or team name will result in a loss of 3% of your fan club.

Supporter Mood

The supporter mood of your fans improves when your team wins matches (especially home games), scores lots of goals, or both. Supporter mood is critical for increasing the overall size of your fan base and income from home games.

  • Score as many goals as possible.
  • Don't lose.
  • Don't get shutout.

Results of away games have a lesser effect.

Soft Cap

The soft cap is a rough limit on the total number of fans in each team's supporter club. As fan club sizes reach this cap, the rate at which new fans sign up to the club slows, eventually diminishing to a trickle of a few fans. The exact soft cap numbers are unknown. However, each division level has a higher cap than the division below it.

  • A study of sign-up rate vs. current fan club size has been performed: Soft Cap Study (not in English).