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Farm teams are teams that only exist to allow a divine player (typically with continued training past the pop to divine) to remain in the game. These players have outragously high wages and can not be kept by a team that seeks to be competitive, since the single wage cost plus the other 'normal' wages would cause the team to go bankrupt.

Farm teams may have low enough wages (aside from the farmed player) to remain viable, or they may have a huge bankroll from selling off their talent that is slowly bled by the wage bill. A farm team does not have enough skilled players to stay in a high division.

This practice is known as Farming and without it the situation for national teams would be very different.

Farming is the practice of growing one player, to the supposed detriment of the rest of the team. Farm teams train a player, often a National team player to tremendous heights. They cope with the immense wages by using cheap players everywhere else, and often only play one game a week. Some farm teams log in only every 6 weeks to Hattrick.

Opinions about Farming

Opinion about farming varies. Many players decry it as unrealistic and a ploy to get national team members beyond the level non farming teams could provide. Others see farming as another approach to a game played for diverse reasons.

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