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Top teams in Faro
1. Gnitrops CP 6th II.4
'''Faro''' is a region in [[Portugal]].
2. MOSS DEB F.C. 8th II.4
3. S12 2nd III.7
4. Clube Desportivo Lejana de Baixo 2nd III.12
5. Glória ou Morte 3rd III.15
6. Tijolos F.C. 3rd III.8
7. Dude Wheres my Team 7th III.3
8. gorilla biscuits 8th III.7
9. AXXI A161616 1st IV.41
10. FacE Us 2nd IV.53
[[Category:Regions Portugal|Faro]]
[[Category:Regions Portugal]]

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