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*Third logo FC Brocks:
*Third logo FC Brocks:
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FC Brocks

FC Brocks was founded on the 11th of January 2006 (S17) by manager Brocks, and played its first season in the Dutch division XII.13 (this div. no longer excists) Manager Brocks is a typical Dutchguy, born and raised in the beautiful city of Oss, Noord-Brabant. He's an agressive coach and only plays to win. He dislikes loosing more, than he dislikes sprouts.


There haven't been any respectable achievement for-the-time-beeing, but we're working on it!!


  • S17 - 3rd - XII.13
  • S18 - 2nd - IX.7
  • S19 - 6th - VIII.196
  • S20 - 5th - VIII.196
  • S21 - ??? - VIII.196


  • S20 - Cupround 01 (FC Brocks - Sparta 0-7)
  • S21 - Cupround 01 (FC Brocks - Vfc Mustangs 0-5)


  • Current (temporary) logo FC Brocks:


His girlfriend likes to pose ;)

  • First logo FC Brocks:


This logo belonged to a former club from manager Brocks, "Baldguy FC" Sadly this team didn't survive deu to some mistakes made bij the manager himself. He promised to follow a straight-line and not to violate the Hattrick-Rules again.

  • Second logo FC Brocks:


  • Third logo FC Brocks:


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