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Federations are a place for people with a common interest other than hattrick to join together and discuss their interest. This can range from football teams to particular training types.

Anyone can create a federation although to survive the federation must have at least 5 members. After being created the federation will be given its own conference on the hattrick website although many feds have their own off site forums as well.

Each hattrick player can be in a member of up to five federations and there is a tool under the federations tab to help you identify relevant federations to your interests on the hattrick website.

To belong to a federation a person must have Hattrick supporter.

Top-15 Federations

  1. Flag Chasers Community
  2. Föderation für Mittelfeldspieler
  3. Hattrick Organizer Community
  4. Swiss Hattrick Federation
  5. Hard to find
  6. Federazione Italiana Economia Fiorente
  7. SUOMI - Federaatio
  8. Playmaking Fed
  9. Logo-Førerne
  10. Defense Trainers
  11. Easy to Find
  12. HAM Users International
  13. Föderation für Abwehrspieler
  14. Liverpool FC
  15. Logos for Hattrick

Top-15 English Language Federations

  1. Flag Chasers Community
  2. Hattrick Organizer Community
  3. Swiss Hattrick Federation
  4. Hard to find
  5. SUOMI - Federaatio
  6. Playmaking Fed
  7. Defense Trainers
  8. Easy to Find
  9. HAM Users International
  10. Föderation für Abwehrspieler
  11. Liverpool FC
  12. Logos for Hattrick
  13. Wing Market & Discussion
  14. Federación de Entrenadores de Jugadas
  15. Wanhat Parrat

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