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A federation is a place for people with a common interest to join together and discuss their interest. This can range from football teams to particular training types.

Anyone can create a federation, but to survive the federation must have at least 5 members. After being created the federation will be given its own forum on the Hattrick website. Many feds have their own off site forums as well.

Each manager can be in a member of up to five federations. Long before the redesign of 2008, there was a tool under the federations tab to help managers identify federations fitting to their interests.

To belong to a federation a person must be a Hattrick Supporter.

Top-15 Federations

  1. Flag Chasers Community
  2. Föderation für Mittelfeldspieler
  3. Hattrick Organizer Community
  4. Swiss Hattrick Federation
  5. Hard To Find
  6. Federazione Italiana Economia Fiorente
  7. SUOMI - Federaatio
  8. Playmaking Fed
  9. Logo-Førerne
  10. Defense Trainers
  11. Easy to Find
  12. HAM Users International
  13. Föderation für Abwehrspieler
  14. Liverpool FC
  15. Logos for Hattrick

Top-15 English Language Federations

  1. Flag Chasers Community
  2. Hattrick Organizer Community
  3. Swiss Hattrick Federation
  4. Hard To Find
  5. SUOMI - Federaatio
  6. Playmaking Fed
  7. Defense Trainers
  8. Easy to Find
  9. HAM Users International
  10. Föderation für Abwehrspieler
  11. Liverpool FC
  12. Logos for Hattrick
  13. Wing Market & Discussion
  14. Federación de Entrenadores de Jugadas
  15. Wanhat Parrat

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