Federico Marcucci

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Federico "la peste" Marcucci
Personal Information
Full Name Federico Marcucci
Nick Name La Peste
Country Argentina Argentina
Player ID (340711104)
Position Forward
Number 18
Actual Club Argentina Nediel
Youth Club
Season 45 - 47 Argentina Los Patoruzek
Sénior Club
Season 47 - ?? Argentina Nediel

Federico Marcucci is an argentinan forward. He is playing for Nediel, since 47th season. Is famous for to be a great set piece's scorer. He was part of the U-20 national team in season 50, at nineteen years old.

Youth club

It was back in June of 2011 when Gabriel Mali, the scout of Nediel's youth team, found Marcucci, looking for youth players of Entre Rios. At the beggining the doesnt seem to be a great prospect, but he would become very taken into account for future matches. It's the next day, a 29, when it debuts in Patoruzek, during a friendly in France. That day, he played in the defense with Cella and Pighin, Nediel current fellow. He got a yellow and ends up having a bad performance. Later, he star playing as forward, but sometimes playing wing. His moment of glory in the young division of Nediel, came in a friendly against Super Sub-17, where he scored 4 goals. He was promoted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, to renew Nediel attack. Until that day, had played 35 games with Patoruzek, scoring 10 goals and earning five yellow cards and one red card.

Senior club


For Nediel senior team, his debut was in Jan 19th in a friendly against Legalización, which end with the score 3-3. Marcucci opened the scoring, with an impressive run, beating the spanish Reguant with his speed. His first official game, was three days later. On a sunny afternoon, Nediel began losing by two goals, but thanks to "la peste" and his 4 goals, the match ended 5-3 in favor of the red-green team. That day he scored two penalties and a free-kick, that was the beginning an era of mystique, goals and free kicks. Another match to remember was the winning against Matadores 12-0, where La Peste scored 5 goals, setting a new personal record. In Nediel he have 36 official games played, getting 27 goals. (2 games and 2 goals in cup). On 23 November 2012, he was summoned to join the U-20 national team for the first time.


Club Season Series National Cup Total
Match Goal Hatt. Match Goal Hatt. Match Goal Hatt.
47 3 6 1 0 0 0 3 6 1
48 13 7 1 2 2 0 15 9 1
49 12 9 0 0 0 0 12 9 0
50 14 5 0 0 0 0 14 5 0
51 11 9 0 2 1 0 7 10 0
Total 53 36 2 4 3 0 57 39 2
Total in Carrer 53 36 2 4 3 0 57 39 2


Division VII.PNG Division VI.PNG
Season 47 Season 51
Nediel Nediel


At season 50, a big group of followers, started a campaign for Peste plays in the U-20 national team, but a lot of people of community reacted with violence and they opposed this.