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Fiji and Friends (FaF) is a tribute federation to the thousands of patriotic Fijians (TPF) in Oceania.

With humble beginnings as an Alliance in-joke, the TPF have expanded so their voice is heard as one. Everyone knows that they now hold the balance of power in Oceanian life.

Our aim in the FaF is simple: To ensure the rightful place within Oceanian society of these great peoples!

The General Managers Club (85054)

Founded By:

Founded On: 29/03/2009
Members: 78
Languages: English


Realising that they needed a physical puppet as an instrument of political discourse, the TPF realised that the creation of a federation was needed. Getting on the blower, the gave Charlie_Foxtrot a buzz and fearing their wrath, got to work straight away. Recruiting from the new breed of Oceanians, he enlisted the help of keeefer, bwejup, zambora, Esquatcho_Mundo, lord badger, ninefourfour, Rusty00 and seorang to get things moving.

With plenty of OT the federation went from strength to strength and attracting a wide variety of members.

Main Attractions

Pop into the FaF forums and you are going to come across some pretty important stuff. Some if will make you smile, some of it will make you cry and some of it will make you want to slip off all your clothes and cool your naked body in the cool pacific ocean.

Esquatcho's Famous Bookmarks Thread

Legendary across the world, this collection of infrequently updated bookmarks aims to rival the library of Alexandria for content.

Started by its namesake once his number of bookmarks maxxed out, it was originally stored in the Queensland forums. However, issues with archiving meant they needed a place to be stored permanently. The moment they were stickied within the FaF, Esquatcho and his bookmarks had found a new home.

Over time the collection has grown through the help of fellow FaFers.

Esquatcho is always fully intending on updating them with his recent bookmarks, but never seems to get around to doing it.

Ninefourfour's Sandpit

Originally started as a place for ninefourfour to come and test out tables and other forum stuff, it fast became the defactor general chat forum of the FaF. Whilst it was maintained at the same time as an actual legit general chat thread, it fast became the home of bogans, interlopers and those generally wanting to be severely OT.

Known as the start of many FaF in jokes, it unfortunately got archived sometime during late 2010.

The Flaming Goat

One of the first sandbox in-jokes concerned the flaming goat.

Goat? We hear you say. Well yes, goat. And it is on fire, hence making it a flaming goat.

Esquatcho has since taken the flaming goat as his pet and together they traverse the astral plane of Hattrick looking for pants.

Chaos & Mayhem

FaF Food

Sausage Rolls


FaF Cocktails

Below are some favourite FaF cockatail recipes

Pina Colada



Led by Charlie_Foxtrot, 'leader of the coups' at team of dedicated staffers help make the FaF what it is. Well really it is only zambora 'Travelling Wilbury' who actually does any work around the place, coercing and jostling people to get involved. The rest of the membership seem to just enjoy laying back in a hammock, sipping a pina colada or whatever cocktail is on special, resting in the gentle sea breeze and listening to the gentle crash of waves on the shore.