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Fiji and Friends (FaF) is a tribute federation to the thousands of patriotic Fijians (TPF) in Oceania.

With humble beginnings as an in-joke of The Alliance, the TPF have expanded so their voice is heard as one. Everyone knows that they now hold the balance of power in Oceanian life.

Our aim in the FaF is simple: To ensure the rightful place within Oceanian society of these great peoples!

Fiji and Friends (82212)
Faf logo.png

Founded By:

Charlie_Foxtrot & zambora
Founded On: 29/03/2009
Members: 100
Languages: English


Realising that they needed a physical puppet as an instrument of political discourse, the TPF realised that the creation of a federation was needed. Getting on the blower, they gave zambora a buzz who fearing their wrath, got to work straight away gathering support. This eventually led to Charlie_Foxtrot creating the fed on the 29/03/2009. Recruiting from the new breed of Oceanians, he & Zam enlisted the help of keeefer, bwejup, (founding members) Esquatcho_Mundo, lord badger, ninefourfour, Rusty00, TT--TT and seorang to get things moving.

With plenty of OT the federation went from strength to strength and attracting a wide variety of members through the start of 2010. Things started to change on the 20/7/10 when we welcomed our 21st member, then in August some well known HT folks saw the light and joined up. A major milestone happened in early October when the FAF hit 50 members.

The federation continues to grow as more people, particularly those outside of Oceania, start to realise that they cant stop the Fijian world hegemony!

On 10 August, 2012, it was discovered that FaF's co-founder zambora had passed away - after mysteriously 'disappearing' from Hattrick in early July - unexpectedly. The federation unanimously agreed to create a tournament in his honour, to be held every season. The federation was also renamed "Zambora's Friends" in tribute of it's fallen friend.

Join us, or fear the TPF!


Led by Charlie_Foxtrot, 'leader of the coups' a team of dedicated staffers help make the FaF what it is....

Well really it is only zambora 'Travelling Wilbury' who actually does any work around the place, coercing and jostling people to get involved.

The rest of the membership seem to just enjoy laying back in a hammock, sipping a pina colada or whatever cocktail is on special, resting in the gentle sea breeze and listening to the gentle crash of waves on the shore.

Main Attractions

Pop into the FaF forums and you are going to come across some pretty important stuff. Some of it will make you smile, some of it will make you cry and some of it will make you want to slip off all your clothes and cool your sexy naked body in the cool pacific ocean.

Which thread is which?

Not sure where to go? Check out this thread!

Bula! Im new to the FaF

The obligatory introductory thread for all new members to say Bula and for existing members to say Bula back!

Created and stickied sometime in october 2010, as the original welcome threads were frankly all over the shop and incoherent, it has finally created a welcome doormat for new FaFers.

Fijian Sayings

The Fijians love to philosophise. Check out this thread for all your quotes and sayings.

Esquatcho's Famous Bookmarks Thread

Legendary across the world, this collection of infrequently updated bookmarks aims to rival the library of Alexandria for content.

Started by its namesake once his number of bookmarks maxxxxed out, it was originally stored in the Queensland forums. However, issues with archiving meant they needed a place to be stored permanently. The moment they were stickied within the FaF, Esquatcho and his bookmarks had found a new home.

Over time the collection has grown through the help of fellow FaFers.

Esquatcho is always fully intending on updating them with his recent bookmarks, but never seems to get around to doing it.

Ninefourfour's Sandbox

Originally started as a place for ninefourfour to come and test out tables and other forum stuff, it fast became the defacto general chat forum of the FaF. Whilst it was maintained at the same time as an actual legit general chat thread, it fast became the home of bogans, interlopers and those generally wanting to be severely OT.

Known as the start of many FaF in jokes, it unfortunately got archived sometime during late 2010.

The Flaming Goat

One of the first sandbox in-jokes concerned the flaming goat.

Goat? We hear you say. Well yes, goat. And it is on fire, hence making it a flaming goat.

First noticed by zfreez in the sandbox, he wasnt on fire initially. He was rather happy just wandering the sandbox. However, he was drawn into a complex web of deceit and bbq regarding one of ninefourfour's mentoree's receiving knowledge not sanctioned by himself. However, like the phoenix, the goat arose in flaming form to live another 500 years.

Interestingly the investigation into the flaming goat was Esquatcho's first to become an inspector...

Esquatcho has since taken the flaming goat as his pet and together they traverse the astral plane of Hattrick looking for pants.


Total Sausagerolls Ingested

See Sausage Rolls

Season league and cup threads

Each week a new league match link thread can be found stickied for you to highlight any important matches you have.

A new cup thread is created each season for managers to banter about.

Baby Coconuts

Come here for any of your YA needs. Our YA experts are always happy to help!

The Rum Exchange

This thread is for all your transfer listings. Any player goes!

HT-Anne's Hideaway

The 11/08/2010 was an important day in FaF history, with our first HT joining the federation. Whilst doing an excellent job over in global, HT-Anne needed somewhere to go for some relaxing R&R. And where better to go, than to the tranquil seaside resorts of Fiji!

Crystal clear blue oceans, sparkling white sand, palm trees swaying in the breeze. How could anyone resist?

As a means of getting away from it all, Anne created her own hideaway. One where she should come and forget her stresses. Somewhere where help is always at hand and a drink is always in the hand.

In an unfortunate twist, Anne has since gotten too busy to be able to travel regularly to Fiji and the thread has been archived.

Chaos & Mayhem

Choas and Mayhem (Originally named Ralph) turned up on a beach one day during a session of Vodkabulcanuts.

They have been actively helping out all over the world ever since and forgetting about their chores at home, which include delivering drinks to those that reside in the hammocks and surfing the beaches to keep those pesky sharks at bay.

Ralph the Rhino was originally found in ninefourfour's sandbox. No one really knows or can remember through the cocktail haze (as yet) where the crab came from (Although it was about the same time ilmini joined.... coincidence or illegal importation of sea animals?). But no one ever expected him to form such a close friendship with Ralph the Rhino. But they did. Together they became known as Chaos & Mayhem. Named thusly when katsweetie suggested they well represent the general nature of the FaF in HT-Anne's Hideaway.


Official FaF Food

FaFers love their food. But particular recipes have fast become FaF legend.

Sausage Rolls

zfreez loves sausage rolls. Please feed him more.

That is all.

Sausage Rolls


The legend of pastbake started when Dave3889 made a simple typo in a thread aimed at finding out some general info about FaF members. True to FaF style, this typo was picked up and pastbake and its tasty time travelling flavours became an FaF favourite.


After much discussion and deliberation in a *licking* poll, it was generally agreed by all that probably even more tastier than pastbake would be pippabake. Ever so juicy and very current news after the royal wedding, zfreez actually may have drooled more than he did on the day he first tasted a sausage roll.

canagoon and JaneDoe vocalised their concerns, as she is likely future royalty and for true royalists like themselves, it is hard to imaging having a one night stand with with their monarchy. However, JaneDoe did suggest that after enough drinks she might be persuaded. Katsweetie cut a lonely figure wanting to taste some SamColada: (Sam Worthington)

In the *licking* poll, pastbake and bacon & egg sammies came a distant second.

Also best served with a straight shot of Pippa Rum


Official FaF Drinks

Below are some favourite FaF drink recipes. Generally led in the drinking (particularly if they contain rum) by katsweetie

Pina Colada

Blend rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice together with ice.

Enjoy served by good looking drinks waiters/waitressess whilst lying in FaF hammocks by the beach.


Take one coconut and chill. Chop off top of coconut and fill with 2 shots vodka, 2 shots of malibu and 1 can red bull.

Garnish with ice and party umbrellas.

Fiji Summer Sling

Take a liberal splash or three of Vodka, followed closely by a nip or two of white rum. Mix with sparkling mineral water and decorate with two slices of both lemon and lime. You can also add lime flavour ice cubes if you can be bothered to make them.

Heat Tonic

Liberal application of 3 shots gin over frozen lime & tonic ice cubes (have to pre-make these, but damn are they awesome!), cold tonic water, squeeze of fresh lime and garnished with a bit of the lime zest.

keeefers keeler

Start with some Blue Curacaco, gently applying a quantity of Vodka and finally combine with Malibu. Best served mixed with lemonade or sparkling mineral water.

Pippa Rum

Best served straight up!

Pippa Rum