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Flag Chasers Community (12497)
Flag Chasers Community
Chief Officer Djens
Founding date 30-08-2004
Members 10564 (on 29-01-06)
Languages English

Flag Chasers Community - the biggest federation in Hattrick, with over 10.000 members at the moment. The federation started when Henri77 came up with the idea for the little flags that can be aquired with international friendlies. He got a group of enthusiastic people around him and the federation started to grow rapidly. This became known as flag chasing.


The federation developed some unique aspects to keep people active and interested in the community. Of course there is the FCC Logo [1], which is well known to the whole hattrick community. But there are also a lot of different unique competitions inside the community. The competitions at this moment are:

  • RISK: you 'conquer' countries by winning games in front of a large attendance. This game favours strong teams.
  • CODE: you try to 'crack' a flag code chosen before the season starts. This game favours weaker teams, since they can make more friendlies, because they get kicked out from the cup earlier.
  • PULL: this has actually nothing to do with flag chasing. You win if you pull better youth players than the other participants. This game favours teams with an excellent youth squad.
  • LUCK: you play your away friendlies during the season. At the end you choose 7 games you want to keep. Those will count for you LUCK-score. After everybody has chosen their 7 countries, a random script will generate the scores for each country. The best score wins of course.

After about one year at the top, Henri77 no longer had his focus on the community and decided it was time to let someone else run the show and take the federation to 10.000 members. The new president was Djens. After that, a lot of things changed. The federation became more rigid (no longer free entry) and a few competitions and ranks were changed or deleted.