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Flag Chasing is a frequent hobby in Hattrick. It consists of playing international friendlies of countries not visited before. Flagchasing can be done by:

  • Playing friendlies abroad in different countries.
  • Playing friendlies at home against teams from different countries.
  • Collecting supporters from different countries.
  • Collecting players from different countries.

Playing in a third team's stadium, possibly even in a third country, doesn't generate a flag.

Many flag chasers are Hattrick Supporters as it enables them to show the community their flags. This can be done via the Flag collection page which is then accessible at a team's main page or via a logo provided by different parties, most commonly the Flag Chasers Community, the HO plugin, or the Sig and Flag Creator.

Most Succesful Flag Chasers

Category User Team Flags
Most flags and coolness chased Bourrinho FCBourry (317113) 123 1262574 32 119451
Most coolness hosted _Lolo_ Szopenfeldziarze (266958) 14 142144 119 1177094
Most flags hosted _Lolo_ Szopenfeldziarze (266958) 14 142144 119 1177094
Most coolness chased and hosted DailyLogo Fudoshin (570753) 48 1018903 37 1021207
Most flags chased and hosted MacErik BSD Tux United (333459) 89 151864 81 91192

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