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Chasing flags is something that a lot of managers do. Flags can be gathered by playing an international away friendly in a country you haven't been before. Flagchasing can be also be done by

- collecting players from different countries - collecting supporters from different countries - playing your friendlies at home against different countries.

When playing at home you will not recieve a flag, but when signing a player from a country you haven't had any players from you will get a new flag on your teampage. Even though you won't get a flag you can still show the rest of the community you have chased the flags by either using the logo provided by the Flag Chasers Community [1], the HO plugin or the sigcreator.[2]

The person with the most flags in the hattrick community is Benkt with his team LångaBollarPåBenkt (15750). The person with the most supporters from different countries is Formand3n with his team FCAA 2 (407720).