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Flag Chasing is a hobby in Hattrick that a lot of managers do. Flag Chasing is most often done by playing an international friendly in the home stadium of your opponent in a country you haven't been before. Flagchasing can be also be done by:

  • Playing your friendlies at home against different countries.
  • Collecting supporters from different countries
  • Collecting players from different countries

You will not recieve a flag if you play in a 3rd team's stadium. You can show the rest of the community you have chased the flags by either using the logo provided by the Flag Chasers Community, the HO plugin, or the Sig and Flag Creator.

Most Succesful Flag Chasers

Category User Team Flags
Most flags and coolness chased Svoelle Kalundborg (401964) 114 1394762 8 349
Most coolness hosted GM-gumle1 ar's boldspassere (196506) 7 157259 86 1252007
Most flags hosted appelkaka GirlsJustWannaHaveFun (97465) 15 5502 113 1237800
Most coolness chased and hosted DailyLogo Fudoshin (570753) 45 1304774 18 789185
Most flags chased and hosted MacErik BSD Tux United (333459) 82 133773 58 55226

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