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Physiotherapists reduce the chance of getting a player injured.

If more than ten physiotherapists are employed, the youth squad level may drop. This is indicated by messages on The Club page, such as:

  • Some of the best trainers of the youth squads have left the club. Their resignation comes as a protest against what they label as 'excessive massage by the many understimulated masseurs'.
  • The massage issue finally got devastating consequences as experienced youth trainers quit the club in anger.

As injuries depend on random and your number of physiotherapists, you will still have injured players although you hire 10 of them.

Many managers belived that physiotherapists didn't work as intended, however on 5th of May 2008, as a result of the Hattrick Mithbusters project, HT-Tjecken confirmed that they do: "Physios reduce the risk of injuries, but they do not (and should not) have an impact on injury times once you got an injury"

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