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The Form Coach keeps the squad match fit and motivated.

The form of a player is a measure of how close he is to be performing at his maximum potential. The value you see on the player is the current form, and a trend called the background form, the value the form is moving toward. A Form Coach will give a bonus to your background form whenever background form is recalculated (this happens on average every second week). Hiring a form coach is not a quick fix, neither is the effect permanent - but for some teams and some situations it can be a good solution. Background form can still drop, but your average over time will be higher.

Skill Level Form Cost/week
- No bonus 0 €
FormCoach.png +0.2 1 500 €
FormCoach.pngFormCoach.png +0.4 3 000 €
FormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.png +0.6 6 000 €
FormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.png +0.8 12 000 €
FormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.pngFormCoach.png +1.0 24 000 €

Each skill level of the Form Coach will bump the background form higher by 0.2 levels. This means a level 5 Form Coach will add a whole level of background form to your player when the update is applied.

Physiotherapists (old staff specialist)[edit]

Staff reform in season 55 eliminated Physiotherapists, partially attributing theeir function to the Medic. Then the new figure of Form Coach was created.

Physiotherapists used to reduce the chance of getting a player injured. More than ten physiotherapists could be employed, but the youth squad level might drop.

There could still be a injury although you hired 10 of them, So many managers belived that physiotherapists didn't work as intended. However on 5th of May 2008, as a result of the Hattrick Mythbusters project, HT-Tjecken confirmed that they do: "Physios reduce the risk of injuries, but they do not (and should not) have an impact on injury times once you got an injury"