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Time for changes in the formation experience system

Date of appearance: 27-01-2003, season 18

Time has now come for us to do some changes in how the formation experience works. For starters, we've set a new, higher, default level for a formation experience. In addition to that, we increase the experience gain when using a formation, and we've decreased the experience loss when not using a formation. Together, these changes will mean that you without problems can switch between at least three formations.

From now on, selling a player will result in a loss of formation experience. This is to make the system more realistic, since the experience in reality is based on how used the players are to playing together. The drop is very, very small, and will probably only be noticed by those who sell a lot of players. Considering realism, sacking the coach would also lower the experience, but we've chosen to ignore that in favour of playability. Sacking a lot of coaches is already today costly enough.

Those formations which don't belong to the standard set will be harder to play with in the future. You'll see an increased risk of confusion, and the confusion will be larger than today.

These changes will be effective this weekend, just before the national team games on friday.