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A forum is a place in Hattrick where managers can discuss about the game, ask and answer questions, talk about nearly everything, and most importantly, make friends. The forums are the most popular type of community interaction within Hattrick and for many people it is one of the main reasons to play the game.

Before the current internal Hattrick forum system was created, people used the offsite forum Delphikonferensen.


As nearly any forum, the Hattrick forum has a set of rules, the Forum Rules. Any user should read them before becoming active on any of the forums, even federation forums, as it's in his own interest and the interest of all other managers.

Types of forums

There are several types of forums. The distinction between forum types is based on several criteria:

  • language or languages allowed.
  • name
  • accessibility

Global forums

Global (English) is one of the most active forums and it is in English only, as its name says. A user will find all kinds of discussions related to Hattrick. Topics range from World Cup through rules interpretations to discussions on specific well known players, like Bob Sunesson. Some topics came or come up on a quite regular, like discussions about the introduction of a Champions League (which was solved with Hattrick Masters), evil daytrading, Transfer Compare ruining HT, complaints about the match engine, etc. Members of the Hattrick Team also often comment on Global (English).

There are also global forums in Spanish, German and French.

Question forums

Question forums are the place where a newbie will most likely pass a lot of time. Even experienced users might ask questions there or find threads valuable for them, but mostly old users are around to assist the new managers by answering to their questions.

National forums

National forums (also called league forums) are the place for a users of certain league to discuss anything related to Hattrick. This goes from discussions about old, new or upcoming features to threads concerning the national teams.

Non-HT forums

The non-HT forums are the place for any discussion allowed by the house or forum rules. As the name says, the topics aren't related to HT.

There is also an additional non-HT Global, which has the same purpose, but on a global level, except for discussions about real football. Everything related to football is discussed in another global forum, Global Football (English). Global Football (English) was initially created on 7th of June 2006 as a forum to discuss the upcoming real life World Cup in Germany. A few months later, on the 7th of September 2006, its renaming was announced and since then all kind of football discussions initially placed on non-HT Global have their place there.

Series forums

Each series has its own forum for its users. They can hold betting games there or chat about the current situation of their series or simply anything concerning the series and its teams.

Federation forums

Each federation has its own forum. Each federation forum may have different rules, or none at all; although the federations aren't allowed to use stickies to tell all their members about these rules. Of course the most basic Hattrick rules have still to be respected even if no rules were set by the federation owner. Federation forums aren't moderated by Hattrick's official Moderators. The fed owner has the right to moderate the federation forum and he might grant additional moderation rights to other users within the federation.

Other forums

There is also a bunch of other even more specialised forums. For example each CHPP programme has its own dedicated forum, as long as the owner doesn't request it to be shut down. National coaches also have their own forum.

Forum culture

On many forums, the regulars frown upon excessive use of Txt spk (shortening of normal phrases into phonetic or abbreviated structure), which is often difficult to understand. In fact only shortening of Hattrick terms is widely accepted, while most other kinds of shortened words aren't much welcome.