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Conferences in Hattrick are a place where you can discuss the game, ask and answer questions, talk about nearly everything, and most importantly, make friends. The conferences are where the community interacts and it is one of the main reasons to play Hattrick for many people.

In the best interest of you and all other players, please read the Conference Rules before posting on the conferences. This also goes for the specific federation conferences.

Each federation conference may have different rules, or none at all; although the federations aren't allowed to use stickies to tell all their members about these rules. Try to always search for the 'read this first', 'rules', or 'important stuff' thread before posting anything anywhere. One example of such a federation is the 5th Slot Fed. There are thousands of such federations in Hattrick, where like minded managers can discuss anything at all in relative privacy (wiithin reason).

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