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The conference rules and the manual can be found by opening the conferences and then clicking on Rules / Manual in the menu on the upper left side. The following article is a copy of these rules.


Post cheating accusations in this conference is not allowed. Use the form on the GM-pages instead.

Forum Rules

In the conference areas of Hattrick, it is not permitted to post:
  • Player advertising (buying or selling) or requests for valuations - use "Player Ads"
  • Spam, i.e. multiple posting of the same message
  • Racist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion
  • Political and religious discussions
  • Excessive use of swearing or profane language
  • Provocations and trolling
  • Cheating accusations
  • Friendly match requests
  • In (desolated) league conferences, using it like a fed conference
  • Advertising products or services that you want to buy or sell
  • Posting any kind of referral links for personal gain
  • Requesting help with or promoting illegal software downloads or software CD-keys
  • Encouraging any kind of criminal activity or substances, such as drugs
  • Bumping (posting merely to promote yourself or a certain thread)
  • Pretending to be part of HT staff when you are not
  • Discussing staff decisions regarding specific users, or to publish correspondance with HT staff without permission

Additionally, excessive use of CAPITAL letters is considered to be shouting and is not tolerated. Signatures must comply with the forum rules as stated above.

Signatures must comply with the forum rules as stated above.


All the above offences can lead to punishment from GM-(Game Masters), Mod-(Moderators) and HT-(Hattrick) personnel.

  • Punishment guidelines allow for the variation of the actual punishment.
  • Punishment can be in the form of a fine and/or a temporary ban from the conferences. Serious offences can also lead to expulsion from Hattrick. Chapter 25 in the rules always applies.

Threads may be moved by moderators to appropriate conferences. Threads and messages may also be deleted entirely.

Punishments given are not to be discussed in the conferences or anywhere else within Hattrick (guest books, Clubhouses etc.). Complaints or questions about a punishment should instead be discussed directly with the Mod or GM who gave the penalty via contact page.

Exceptions to the rules

Posting youth pulls with the mention of them being sold.

  • It is only allowed to post the latest youth pull you had. You may only post it once and only in your own national forum.
  • Use a special "youth pull" thread so that all "adverts" are concentrated in one area.

Advertising national team players for sale

  • only the national coach may advertise a national team player who is for sale and only in the conference of the nation that national team player plays for.
  • a national coach may not advertise a national player for sale if the player is owned by his own team.

Advertising a federation

  • you are allowed to advertise if you are founder of the federation with a single post in global and another in your country national conference.
  • Advertisements in multiple conferences will be treated as spam.

Federation conferences

The federation conferences are not as strict as the public conferences. The members of the federation can set their own standards, but the conduct rules (Game rules, chapter 25) and the conference rules about illegal software, criminal activities and drugs are valid even in federation conferences. Any violations of the rules within the federation conferences can be reported to the GMs.

What to do in the case of a problem?

Did you find a bug or have a problem with HT? Posting this on the conference will not help to solve the bug, although it may be interesting for you to see if anyone has experienced the same problem.

The best thing is to contact the GMs about this.



HTML is not allowed in the conferences and will be automatically erased. However, we've developed a simple replacement called HT-ML (Hattrick Markup Language) where we've taken some standard HTML tags and also created a special set. The following HT-ML commands are allowed: [b], [/b], [i], [/i], [u], [/u], [br], [hr]. Note that the normal <> are replaced with []. We also have several special tags with the following format: [playerid=xxx], [teamid=xxx], [matchid=xxx], [leagueid=xxx], [youthteamid=xxx], [youthplayerid=xxx] and [allianceid=xxx], where you replace xxx with the appropriate number. This will be displayed in the message as a link to that special player/team/match/league/youth team/youth team player/alliance.Another HT-ML-command is [message=xxxxx.yy], which will link to other messages in the conferences, where xxxxx is the thread, yy is the number of the specific message. Also, we have the tag [link=xxx], where xxx must be in the format http://website-you-want-to-link. Example: [link=http://www.hattrick.org]. Another tag to use is [quote] and [/quote], or alternatively, [q] and [/q]. This will highlight the text between the tags like a quotation.

You are not allowed to use HT-ML to in any way change the way that anything but the message itself looks on Hattrick. Therefore you must be very careful with using the end-tags so that you won't mess up anything later. Failure to do so will be judged as a breach of the rules (see above for penalties).

Supporters have the option to use signatures at the end of their messages. Use the link in the menu to set them. In every message you write thereafter, you have the option to include it with the message. HT-ML is allowed in signatures. You may choose not to see signatures by selecting that option in the User Preferences in the normal Hattrick Menu.

After posting a message, you may not post another one for 30 seconds. This is to avoid annoying double postings.

You may set the priority of a thread by clicking one of the symbols (^ ~ v) at the top and bottom of the thread. ^ is high priority, ~ is normal, v is low. If you set a thread to low priority, messages from that thread will not show up when you view unread messages. "Sticky Threads" are marked in red and are considered high priority for all users. You can also set the priority for each thread in the conferences menu. Threads that have not been updated for 30 days will be archived.

Preferences for users who do not use the conference system in 60 days will get deleted.

It is possible to change the priority of a thread from the menu without actually opening it. Just click the image next to the thread name until you're satisfied with your choice. You can change multiple threads at once.


  • [b] Bold
  • [/b] End Bold text
  • [i] Italics
  • [/i] End Italics text
  • [hr] Horizontal line
  • [u] Underline
  • [/u] End Underlined text
  • [br] Row break