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This special position was introduced in the middle of global season 27 (somewhere at the end of October 2005).
#REDIRECT [[Forward towards wing]]
This [[forward]] contributes more pressure to the side where he is playing "[[towards wing]]". So this is how you can boost you [[side attacks]] (specially if you play with 3 forwards)
A team that is playing 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 could opt for a high-wing FTW because they are getting central attack already from 2 normal forwards (and possibly 2 IMs offensive).
They would be essentially moving their winger up to the FTW role and possibly using their winger slot for a WTM (Winger Towards middle) to boost their midfield.
The introduction of FTW gives forward trainers some options rather than just 3-4-3 AIM.
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