Forward towards wing

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This is a relatively new order. It requires a forward who in addition to have scoring and passing, also uses his wing abilities.

The order transfers some scoring and wing skill to one side attack rating, whilst reducing the amount of scoring used for the central attack rating. The opposite side attack receives very little benefit from this player. Passing is used in exactly the same way as before.

There have been great discussions whether the star ratings for this type of players can be correct. The star ratings seem to be more or less simply added for the winger and striker skills, making it possible for a passable scorer with a passable winger skill to get 4 stars, a star rating which an inexperienced pure striker can normally only get with an at least outstanding scorer skill.

Apart from this the FTW adds some new strategic options to the game. Simultanious to the introduction of the FTW, the contribution of the scoring skill of forwards to wing attacks was reduced significantly (initial estimates are around 40%). This means managers really have to make an effort of getting decent wing attack ratings with attacking wingers and/or FTW.