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For clubs of the lowest division in large leagues (e.g. [[Netherlands]], [[Spain]], [[Sweden]] or [[Germany]]) international friendlies (away) are not recommendable. The travelling costs will be higher then the spectator income of the match. Those teams should play friendly matches against higher division teams in their own country or international friendlies in their own stadiums. The economic effect is also important here.
For clubs of the lowest division in large leagues (e.g. [[Netherlands]], [[Spain]], [[Sweden]] or [[Germany]]) international friendlies (away) are not recommendable. The travelling costs will be higher then the spectator income of the match. Those teams should play friendly matches against higher division teams in their own country or international friendlies in their own stadiums. The economic effect is also important here.

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Any game that is not a competitive match is a friendly. The main point of friendlies is to maximise training, or keeping your substitutes in a hopefuly better form. There is also some gate income will help your economy, but the income is quite low compared to an official league match (it is rare to spot friendlies with over 5.000 spectators, even among teams from the top divisions). A popular thing to do in friendly matches is flag chasing, where you visit a new country every week.


The outcome of the match has no effect on sponsors, supporters, team spirit or confidence. Suspensions do not apply in friendly games, and red/yellow cards do not carry over to league games. However, players might get injured while playing that match, and they can also gain a tiny amount of experience, much lower than the amount of experience from a league match. See the experience article for the formula.


The amount of spectators who attend a friendly match is significantly lower than the amount of spectators who attend a regular league match. The income is split evenly among the two teams. The attendance will be slightly higher if the match is an international friendly.

Match types

The friendlies can be played using two different kind of rules:


  • If the match ends in a draw, no extra time or penalties will be played.
  • The amount of attendance is lower than a cup rules friendly.

Cup rules

  • If the match ends in a draw, extra time and penalties (if needed) will be played.
  • The attendance of the match is higher than a normal friendly.


International friendly

International friendlies cost 6000 US$ each. These types of friendlies can have some benefits, though. Many users choose to play matches abroad in order to collect flags (many of these players belong to the Flag Chasers Community). Your players will also gain about twice the experience they would usually receive in a National Friendly. International friendlies can also provide an opportunity to meet different types of players in different countries and cultures.

The times specified below indicates the earliest possible start time for international friendlies. There can be delays for various reasons, and all the updates, as well as matches, take time to complete. Precisely how long varies depending on how many teams there are in the league and on the type of update.

Al Iraq – Wednesday 16:25:00
Al Jazair – Wednesday 10:50:00
Al Kuwayt – Wednesday 16:10:00
Al Maghrib – Wednesday 10:45:00
Al Urdun – Wednesday 18:40:00
Al Yaman – Wednesday 16:35:00
Andorra – Wednesday 15:15:00
Angola – Wednesday 07:15:00
Argentina – Thursday 03:00:00
Azərbaycan – Wednesday 14:25:00
Bahrain – Wednesday 16:50:00
Bangladesh – Wednesday 06:30:00
Barbados – Wednesday 22:10:00
Belarus – Wednesday 09:15:00
Belgie – Wednesday 13:30:00
Bolivia – Tuesday 22:45:00
Bosna i Hercegovina – Wednesday 14:15:00
Brasil – Thursday 00:00:00
Bulgaria – Tuesday 22:00:00
Cote D’Ivoire – Wednesday 18:55:00
Cobe Verde – Wednesday 18:25:00
Canada – Wednesday 23:00:00
Ceska Republika – Wednesday 14:00:00
Chile – Wednesday 22:50:00
Chinese Taipei – Wednesday 03:00:00
Chine – Wednesday 07:00:00
Colombia – Thursday 00:50:00
Costa Rica – Wednesday 23:45:00
Crna Gora – Wednesday 11:55:00
Cymru – Tuesday 21:30:00
Cyprus – Tuesday 20:15:00
Danmark – Wednesday 16:30:00
Deutschland – Tuesday 18:30:00
Ecuador – Tuesday 23:45:00
Eesti – Wednesday 12:15:00
El Salvador – Thursday 01:45:00
England – Tuesday 21:00:00
Espana – Wednesday 12:30:00 (normal); 12:00:00 (cup)
Foroyar – Wednesday 16:45:00
France – Wednesday 15:00:00
Guatemala – Thursday 01:10:00
Hanguk – Wednesday 02:00:00
Hayastan – Wednesday 14:40:00
Hellas – Wednesday 09:45:00
Honduras – Thursday 01:15:00
Hong Kong – Wednesday 11:00:00
Hrvatska – Wednesday 08:45:00
India – Wednesday 06:00:00
Indonesia – Wednesday 07:45:00
Iran – Wednesday 15:45:00
Ireland – Wednesday 20:15:00
Island – Wednesday 20:45:00
Israel – Tuesday 20:30:00
Italia – Tuesday 19:00:00
Jamaica – Wednesday 22:15:00
Kazakhstan – Wednesday 12:10:00
Kenya – Wednesday 11:15:00
Kyrgyzstan – Wednesday 07:30:00
Latvija – Wednesday 13:45:00
Lëtzebuerg – Wednesday 14:45:00
Liechtenstein – Tuesday 19:50:00
Lietuva – Wednesday 13:15:00
Lubnan – Wednesday 17:40:00
Magyarorszag – Wednesday 09:45:00
Makedonija – Wednesday 10:15:00
Malaysia – Wednesday 05:00:00
Malta – Wednesday 17:15:00
Mexico – Thursday 02:00:00
Misr – Tuesday 18:50:00
Moldova – Wednesday 17:45:00
Mongol Uls – Wednesday 07:50:00
Northern Ireland – Tuesday 22:15:00
Nederland – Wednesday 17:30:00
Nicaragua – Wednesday 23:40:00
Nigeria – Wednesday 11:45:00
Nippon – Wednesday 02:30:00
Norge – Wednesday 16:00:00
Oceania – Wednesday 04:00:00
Osterreich – Wednesday 09:30:00
Pakistan – Wednesday 06:15:00
Panama – Thursday 00:15:00
Paraguay – Tuesday 23:15:00
Peru – Thursday 02:15:00
Philippines – Wednesday 03:30:00
Polska – Wednesday 09:00:00
Portugal – Wednesday 22:00:00
Prathet Thai – Wednesday 05:30:00
Republica Dominicana – Wednesday 23:15:00
Romania – Wednesday 10:00:00
Rossiya – Wednesday 08:30:00
Sakartvelo – Wednesday 14:20:00
Saudi Arabia – Wednesday 16:20:00
Schweiz – Wednesday 10:30:00
Scotland – Wednesday 11:30:00
Senegal – Wednesday 11:50:00
Shqiperia – Tuesday 20:45:00
Singapore – Wednesday 04:30:00
Slovenija – Tuesday 19:30:00
Slovensko – Tuesday 21:45:00
South Africa – Wednesday 07:15:00
Srbija – Wednesday 12:45:00
Suomi – Tuesday 20:00:00
Suriname – Wednesday 23:10:00
Sverige – Wednesday 20:00:00
Tounes – Wednesday 16:45:00
Trinidad & Tobago – Wednesday 22:20:00
Turkiye – Wednesday 08:00:00
Uman – Wednesday 16:40:00
United Arab Emirates – Wednesday 18:45:00
Ukraina – Wednesday 08:15:00
Uruguay – Thursday 00:30:00
USA – Thursday 01:00:00
Venezuela – Wednesday 23:30:00
Vietnam – Wednesday 05:15:00

National friendly

A National Friendly is a match that is played mid-week with another team in your club's home country. It will earn your players about 1/10 the experience they would earn in a League Match and about 1/2 the experience they would earn in an International Friendly.

It costs nothing to play a friendly against a team in your home country. However, less spectators will watch your match than if you were playing an International Friendly. Spectator income is split evenly between the visiting and home clubs (as in International Friendlies).

Neutral ground

The term "Neutral Ground" refers to an arena where a match takes place, but which neither team playing the match owns. The owner of the "Neutral Ground" does not receive any monetary compensation for allowing the other two players to use his arena.

Note that matches played on "neutral ground" will not earn a flag for either of the participating teams, unless the match is held in one team's home country (in which case the away team will earn a flag).


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example (german XI. division team):

spectators in series games:

Spectators in a friendly against a IV. division team:

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