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Kitto is the owner and manager of Mumi United, currently residing in the lower leagues of [[Oceania]].
#redirect [[User:Kitto]]
He can often be found being taunted by fellow members of [[the Alliance]].
He has a mortal fear of shrubbery and is allegedly 15 years old.
= Infamy =
== Poll king ==
Partially responsible for taking away [[the Alliance]] members ability to create polls by making too many polls.
== Hairdresser's car ==
Kitto can be seen driving around the streets of [[Hattrick]] in a car often mistaken for that of a hairdressers.
== No 3rd B ==
Kitto is well known for not only not receiving the 3rd B but scaring it away at an alarming rate.
= Other names =
Kitto has also been known as Ottik and many other silly names.
None of these names have gained him access to the elusive 3rd B.
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