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Moonsje is a very famous Belgian hattrick manager.
His current nick is CAPTAIN-MOONSJE.

National teams[edit]

Moonsje is leading National teams and U-20 teams continuously since March 2004.
Currently he is NT-Coach in Canada and U-20-Coach in South Africa.

He has been:

Moonsje worked on several NT and U-20 programs in Belgium, South Africa and Egypt. He became infamous in World Cup VI for an incident that occured in Round II.

Own team[edit]

His team changed names a few times. Starting as Supergenk, over "K.R.C. Genk","Raikkonen's Formula One Racers" and "FC uitzet 1730" to it's current name "This is a bot team".

The team was founded on the 6th July 2002, and started in IV.10. After championships in IV.10 and III.14 Raikkonen's Formula One Racers played one season in II.4. Then the team started going down, ending in VI.303 for a few seasons. After becoming champion in VI.303 and V.43, the team relegated all the way down to VIIIth division. Moonsje claims this happend because he used his team to train NT-players.. Recently he started to win with his own team again, winning titles in VIII.1276, VII.399 and VI.72. The goal is Eerste Klasse, but hardly anyone believes he will make it..


Moonsje has been a GameMaster, then known as GM-Moons. He left the crew in June 2005.