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GM-brxnivy is a GameMaster for the USA. He also is a former U-20 coach for the USA, and led the team to a bronze medal during his second term as manager (the only medal for any USA U-20 national team after the first two U-20 World Cups). His name brxnivy is an obscure reference to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, to whom he swears allegiance. The name is short for "bricks and ivy," a common slang term for the field due to the ivy on the outfield walls.

United States U-20 National Team
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U-20 World Cups
U-20 World Cup I (IndyRacing): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
U-20 World Cup II (-apoc-): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
U-20 World Cup III (Idigum): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 1
U-20 World Cup IV (TargetPractice6): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
U-20 World Cup V (GM-brxnivy): Q Group 5 -> II Group 5 -> III Group 2
U-20 World Cup VI (GM-brxnivy): Q Group 11 -> II Group 6 -> III Group 3 -> IV Group 1 -> Semi-finals
U-20 World Cup VII (Azeroth): Q Group 3 -> II Group 2 -> III Group 4
U-20 World Cup VIII (Mod-Pretzel): Q Group 9 -> II Group 8
U-20 World Cup IX (FryDog): Q Group 12
U-20 World Cup X (rpeters): Q Group 3
U-20 World Cup XI (rpeters): Q Group 14
U-20 World Cup XII (hrudey22): Q Group 2
U-20 World Cup XIII (Xarn5): Q Group 14 (in progress)