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GM-oafcmetty is an English hattrick manager and Gamemaster.

He owns the team Pine Villa and is currently U-20 Coach for Nippon.


Alex Metcalfe - The Man in HT! 25 years and 97 days, Next birthday: 29-04-2010

Born in: Argentina

In inadequate form, weak stamina. A controversial person who is balanced and upright. Has wretched experience and poor leadership abilities.

Owner: Boltz Utd (since 31-08-2009 (16/39), 2s 2d)
Total Skill Index (TSI): 160
Wage: 296 £/week including 20% bonus
Stamina: weak Keeper: wretched
Playmaking: weak Passing: weak
Winger: weak Defending: poor
Scoring: weak Set pieces: poor