Gamstian IL Tromsø

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Gamstian IL Tromsø
(160155), managed by madforTIL
Location Troms, Template:Flag/NORn
Prize shelf Division V.PNGx1 Division VI.PNGx8
League VI.990
Arena Sigurd Rushfeldt ArenA (60.005)
Fan Club The Fornicating Bishops (about 1400)
Coach Kalidou Samassa (41661174)

Gamstian IL Tromsø is a team in Norge who currently plays in VI.990.


The club was founded 2004-08-20, time 15:02 as Gamstian IL Tromsø, a name which has been used since. The name comes from real life footballer Morten Gamst Pedersen of Blackburn Rovers, and norwegian club Tromsø IL, which was the favourite player and current favourite team of user madforTIL. Gamstian have been around since season 13, winning eight VI championships and one V championship as of 6 November 2008.

League and Cup Honors

Season League NM Trophies
12 8th in VI.92 Not qualified none
13 1st in VI.92 Not qualified Division VI.PNG
14 1st in VI.92 2nd round Division VI.PNG
15 7th in V.124 2nd round none
16 1st in VI.368 2nd round Division VI.PNG
17 1st in VI.368 2nd round Division VI.PNG
18 6th in V.52 2nd round none
19 1st in VI.855 4th round Division VI.PNG
20 1st in VI.855 2nd round Division VI.PNG
21 3rd in V.76 3rd round none
22 1st in V.76 5th round Division V.PNG
23 6th in V.76 5th round none
24 1st in VI.990 1st round Division VI.PNG
25 1st in VI.990 2nd round Division VI.PNG

League Statistics

Games: 192

Goals: 627

Conceded: 292

Points: 396

as of 8 November 2008

Gamstian Player of the Season

After each season, the manager and the fans vote on who becomes the best player.

Season 12: Anders Hafsås

Season 13: Peter Swärdström

Season 14: Peter Swärdström

Season 15: Øystein Krogh

Season 16: Stian Johansen I

Season 17: Yves Schupp

Season 18: Marcus Forsskog

Season 19: Aeswin "Asswind" Campbell

Season 20: Odd Eklund

Season 21: Rune Riis

Season 22: Ahmed Aziz

Season 23: Marian Bajera

Season 24: Viktor Straussen

Season 25: Tor Bjørndal

Top Scorers




as of 6 November 2008


Most games played (official)

Most games played (all)

as of 6 November 2008

Hall of Fame

Training Match Hero

  • Template:Flag/NOR Sindre Paulsen (21317155)
    • The first player bought after Gamstian began their "Norwegian players only" philosophy. Sindre has never complained about lack of opportunities in the first team, but has been a good servant in Brønnøy League and friendly matches. Now working as a spokesman at the club and the first inductee to the Hall of Fame.
  • Template:Flag/ITA Massimo Manzo (55962422)
    • Coached the club for six seasons between 2005 and 2007 and has been heavily involved in developing Yves Schupp og Marcus Forsskog into superstars. He has also seen through the progress of three former U-21 national players Odd Eklund, Rafiq Rzayev og Ahmed Aziz. Now the Liam Brady of Gamstian, leading the youth academy.

Member of Honour

  • Template:Flag/NOR Steinar Nilsen (17150329)
    • The boss of Tromsø IL. At least for now.
  • Template:Flag/NOR Anders Hafsås (39632803)
    • One of the original Gamstian players. Stayed in the team for many seasons before turning pro in Sweden. However, after a couple of seasons there, he was bought back to his beloved Gamstian. In total he played 77 games for the club, scoring 38 goals in the progress. Most memorable was during season 13, where he became the club's top scorer with eight goals during the title winning season.