General training

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General training helps form by bringing the visible form towards background form more quickly if the background form is higher than the visible form, and vice versa if the background form is lower than the visible form. It also trains goalkeeping to a very small degree.

It is important to note that background form is not affected, so gains from this training type tend to be very short term.

General is regarded as the black sheep amongst training types, practiced only by those who do not know any better, and those at the very top of the game, where the need to keep wages down by any means possible means it may be a wise choice. Though 15% of users train this, this figure is not accurate because new teams begin with this training type as default.


  • Helps foreground form
  • Does not add anything to wages
  • Helps gain form for an upcoming important game
  • Quite easy to maintain.


  • Unprofitable
  • Doesn't actually improve your team at all
  • Foreground form increases are lost quickly as background form does not improve