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Nationality:  England  <br>
Nationality:  England  <br>
Total skill index (TSI):  767 490 <br>
Total skill index (TSI):  767 490 <br>
Wage: 14 532 240 kr/week  including 20% Bonus  <br>
Wage:   16 834 800 kr/week  including 20% Bonus  <br>
Owner: Tre Pleonasmer <br>
Owner:   Silarps FC <br>
Warnings:  0  <br>
Warnings:  0  <br>
Injuries:  Healthy <br>
Injuries:  Healthy <br>

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George Carey (2470166)
31 years, solid form, healthy
A nasty fellow who is balanced and dishonest.
Has divine experience and inadequate leadership.

Also part of Team England!

Nationality: England
Total skill index (TSI): 767 490
Wage: 16 834 800 kr/week including 20% Bonus
Owner: Silarps FC
Warnings: 0
Injuries: Healthy

Stamina: wretched Goalkeeping: divine
Playmaking: disastrous Passing: disastrous
Winger: disastrous Defending: disastrous
Scoring: disastrous Set Pieces: disastrous

National Team matches: 133
U-20 Matches: 28
Career Goals: 0
Career Hattricks: 0
League goals this season: 0
Cup goals this season: 0

One of hattrick's greatest players ever. He was bought by Norrgärde Lovers as a 17 year old solid goalkeeper. He was then trained to divine and beyond and is still undergoing training now in Tre Pleonasmers jersey. 19 stars is the record, which probably is a HT-record as well. He currently plays for Team England.